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Trading Card Game Expansion: *Update* Confirmed Series 3 *Update*

Posted by Lolaya on November 11, 2011 at 2:25 PM

As you guys may know, SOE due to the economic turmoil, closed down their Trading Card Game Studio in Denver Colorado. With that came the downfall of support for Freerealms TCG and other SOE games that have TCG.

People have left due to their abandonment of TCG, and I never thought I would say this, but Series 3 looks like it is coming real soon!

Remember, the new racing tracks and how I said I only post Freerealms news if it was big? This is the 2nd time in less then a month! I think this is a exciting time for bored Freerealmers!

I present you...



The Free Realms Trading Card Game has a whole new set of adventures!

The thrilling new expansion set, Baron von Darkcheat, is almost here! Someone has taken the stolen shards of the gloamstone and threatens all of Snowhill! Who is Baron von Darkcheat? Is he responsible? Collect all 146 new cards and new loot, hone your skills, learn new strategies, and challenge the Cardies as they try to solve the mystery. Then when you're ready, assemble the clues, find the gloamstone, and defeat it's master. Adventure awaits!

Check back here every day until release for card previews, loot teasers, news, and more! To kick off the festivities, we've got TWO new card previews for you today! 


Sometimes an old card sparks the development of a new mechanic. One such card is “Cogs in the Machine,” a set 2 card that cared about creatures next to other creatures. In set 3, we have lots of cards like that. Excavation scores cards, and might be the best of the lot for that reason.

Here’s another card featuring the “next to” concept. This was called “splash damage” early in design.  We’ve had this mechanic in mind from the very beginning, but only now have we fully developed it. Many cards in set 3, such as Frostfang Cave, affect the creatures adjacent to your foe.


Remember to check back tomorrow for more previews from Baron von Darkcheat!"

The highlighted words pretty much confirm that this is Series 3!

Here is the Official Forums Thread where you can see new previews of cards/vrs/and other items every day!


Cya in the Realms more repeatedly!




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Reply Prince The Rockstar
8:23 PM on November 11, 2011 
New TCG Expansion huh? I'm so pumped up!!!!
Reply Jáy
5:28 PM on November 11, 2011 
^^^All because of my suggestion in the forums!!
Reply Falcon
2:40 PM on November 11, 2011 
Holy.. Holy.. Holy... Holy Lord! God of power and might! You have granted uss more tcg! :D -does a little dance-
Let's hear it for Free Realms!
Let's hear it for Lolaya for the news!
Let's hear it for Falcon because he's epically awesome!
Here we go Free Realms! New Content all around! :D Finally something GOOD. :D :D :D