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Events Wrap-up *Edit*

Posted by Lolaya on May 14, 2012 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (8)

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long for posting winners for the events we had. (Wow I said for a lot in that sentence) I am now going to post the winners for both events I haven't anounced.

These 2 events are the Renegade Site Story Contest and the most recent Renegade Sign Contest 2012

I was surprised at the marvelous stories and signs!

It took me so long to get the winners for 2 reasons...

1. I forgot and always procrastinated

2. It was too hard to choose! You guys are SO good at creating stories and I enjoyed reading them all

So here are the winners...

Renegade Site Story Contest:

1st Place- Shadow Kevin

2nd Place- Princess Strongheart

3rd Place- Falcon

Since they were all very good, I decided to increase the participation prizes for the people who didn't make it into the top 3. Now the prize is 30k each. I also decided to make more categories.

Most Imagery Story- Princess Strongheart (40k bonus)

Inspiring Story- Prince and Kelly (30k bonus each)

You guys have surprised me and I was very happy to read them :) Keep on writing.

Renegade Sign Contest:

I personally haven't see any of the signs but since you guys had the unplanned event I have the winners! Great job guys, I heard they were all very good!

1st Place (Supposed to be Tridon but he left :( great job though)- Isaac Thundervale

2nd Place- Nicole Glitterpeak

3rd Place- Jake Swiftrocks

Most creative sign- Isaac Thundervale

I am sorry for delaying these 2 event anouncements for so long. Great job once again! You guys blew me out of my mind.


Posted by Lolaya on May 10, 2012 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (5)

Renegade Sign Contest 2012

Posted by Lolaya on April 19, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (6)

It is now time for the annual Renegade sign building contest!

Renegade Sign Contest


When: Starting *now* Ending April 27th 2012 at 4 PM EST

What: A Renegade Sign Contest (See rules below)

Who: Only Renegade associates (Recruits, Members, Officers, Leaders)

Judged Based on: Creativity, effort, presentation (Sign quality/appearance), background (See Rules Below)

Judges: Raven Moontrekker, Lolaya, Jake Granitewave (Tentative)


1st Place- 150k in coins

2nd Place- 50k in coins

3rd Place- 25k in coins

Special Categories-

Most Creative Sign- 20k

Most Colorful Sign- 15k

Wackiest Sign- 15k

Rules/Requirements for Sign:

  • Must spell out "Renegade"
  • If you already have a sign please don't submit that one
  • No cheating/spying on other signs (I suggest you lock the house so others can't spy)
  • No houses submitted after the deadline
  • Only one house per person
  • I reserve the right to modify these rules in the future

To sign up and submit your sign, please post your in-game name and where the sign will be (Ex. My snowhill lot)

If your house has a custom name please post that as well.

PS. If your sign wins, another prize is front page promotion of your house/lot/sign, your name in the Renegade Records, and a spot on the Renegade Official Properties List.

PPS. thanks to Pitbull for bringing back this idea

Start Building


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500 Members and 1st 1000th Post Poster

Posted by Lolaya on March 27, 2012 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (10)

When I first took the reigns of this site, I thought I would be the most active poster moderating a small forum guild site of about 5 active members. Boy was I wrong! This site has become so much more than that! It makes me happy to say we have 500 members now on this site and we now have our 1st member to reach 1000 posts in the forums!

Our 500th Member was Gage Powermetal1

For being here on the special occasion, you win 50k!

This site has meant a lot to me. It has meant friends, Jezzi, Jakes love, jokes, stories, music, videos, photos, events, games, drama, updating. I try to make this site the best to my ability. Yes it is time consuming, sometimes boring, but it is always gratifying knowing you guys come on the site, post on it, and think it is useful. That reason alone makes me willing to make this site even better.

I want to thank everyone who makes my work worthwhile and hopefully we can make it better for many months to come! Post on the site, please give me feedback/tips/suggestions. Constructively criticizing me will not only help the site but hopefully satisfy questions and help you guys out.

On related news, Prince has now reached 1000 posts! It is great to see our 1st member reach 1000 posts and I hope to see many more players reach it. Prince has won 40k and a spot on the Renegade Hall of Fame for Top Poster! (Hopefully i'm next lol)

Thank you for entertaining me from the beginning of the site and I hope you guys have been entertained as well.

Keep on posting, from the staff of <Renegade>



Posted by Lolaya on March 12, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (3)

To make it up for my absence recently I am going to host a nice party this Friday. There will be games, dancing, raffles, and maybe a short fashion show :)

Event Details:

Where: TBA

When:  Friday March 16th, 2012 at 6PM EST

Who: Anyone in the guild

What: A party

Hope to cya guys there, and I hope to at least be more active in the following weeks.

Hint: Look for site update, and a site contest this month :)

House Party

Posted by Lolaya on February 10, 2012 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey guys, sorry for the short notice but I did not know if I was going to make it or not.

House Party/Tour

February 10th 2012

8 PM EST (Ask for time conversions)

All over the housing server

Anyone who wants to have fun visiting other guild members houses, and winning items!

If you would like for your house to be shown in this house party, please whisper Lolaya in game.

Not only will it be a House Party to show off marvelous houses you guys build, but also to get together with guild members, have raffles, and partay!

Raffle Prizes:




Raven's leadership position (JK)

Jakes Dignity (Not joking on that one)


Come and have fun! Sorry for the rush while writing this news entry, didn't feel like taking the time and being a reporter :) I will do that next time.

December Wrap Up

Posted by Lolaya on January 4, 2012 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (3)

Man! December was a very fun month! It has come to an end (For the Most Part) and we have news from the events and some spoilers for the future.

Build Santa's Sleigh:

If anyone has built it or is building it, please comment here. If you are still building we can still give you some time

Find Lolaya:

We have moved Find Lolaya to one of the forum events this month, January. Stay tuned on front page.

Christmas Tree Climb 2nd Edition:

It will be sometime this month or in the month of February. Stay tuned on front page.

Mystery Question:

We have 2 winners!

The Best Post Award goes to... Venom6

The Random Winner goes to... Adam Vaporstinger

You both get 100k EACH

Great Job to Everyone who Participated! Raven and I had a pretentious time choosing!

Find Frosty:

Renegade Falcon found Frosty even though it took a bit of hard work and time! Nice job Falcon! We all had a great time.

Renegade Raffle:

We had many more winners then we first thought out! We expanded the winnings to make more people happy, and surprisingly everyone there won a prize!


Sunstone Valley Lot- Abuckluk Walter

Clockwork Beetle Pet- Awesome Pitbull

Series 3 TCG Pack- Katie Peachaberry

Blue Hoverboots- Aaron Swiftblade

2 Series 3 TCG Clothes Items- Shadeslayer

50k- Aaron Swiftblade

20k- Katie Peachaberry

10k- Jake Swiftrocks

It was a great fundraising event, and I want to give thanks to all Renegaders who attended, and especially Shadow Kevin for supplying most prizes!

Spoilers/Hints to the Future:

2012 is going to be a great year! I might be less active then usual, but when I do get on, we are going to have countless events that you guys will enjoy! 2012 is going to be a year of great prosperity in Freerealms and hopefully a new area we can conquer. I hope you stay with us to see the many marvelous things this guild can do.

Things to Expect in 2012:

  1. The Renegade Film Network© up and running for business!
  2. More Events
  3. Increased item/coin distribution
  4. *Maybe* a site redesign/2.0 elements added in
  5. Community Events
  6. Reaching 1000 in the Forum Game!
  7. Frequent New Forum Games
  8. Renegade International Expansion
  9. Guild Benefits

Things to Expect in January/February:

  • Possible Renegade TCG Tournament
  • Christmas Tree Climb 2nd Edition Event
  • Possible Dueling Tournament
  • ¡! Find Lolaya ¡! Forum/Ingame Event
  • Recruiting for The Renegade Film Network©

Happy New Years!

December Events Part Two (Dates for Fashion Show and Raffle Changed)

Posted by Shadow Kevin on December 18, 2011 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (6)

Hey everyone, We've come up with a few more fun guild events for you all for this wonderful time of the year! (Ask for time conversions!)

Event #1 - Find Frosty!

When: Wednesday December 21, 2 PM Pacific Time Zone

Who: Renegade

Where: Some of The Free Realms Mountains

What: I will bring my alt account dressed as Frosty The Snowman on and he will go hide, since nobody is his friend but me, you cannot use your map to find him. If you get lost or stuck you can teleport back to me at the starting point.

Prizes: Whoever finds Frosty will have the choice of 100k or a top secret series 3 VR!



Event #2 - The Gift of Giving

When: 6PM EST Friday December 23rd

Who: Renegade

Where: The Free Realms Starting Point

What: As a guild we will head to the place where new players come into free realms, everyone will find a new player and show them around and teach them some cool things about the game. At the end of the tour for our new friend everyone participating will give their new friend a present in the spirit of christmas

Prizes: The good feeling inside when you give and maybe even a new friend!



Event #3 - New Years Fashion Show!

When: Saturday December 31th at the Christmas Party 3PM EST

Who: Renegade is In the Show but anyone can come watch

Where: Nicole Glitterpeak's MerryVale Lot

What: Renegade will be putting on a fashion show, there will be three categories, the first one is The Best of 2011, where you can put on anything that you think resembles a good memory of yours from the year 2011, The second category is Best Noob, where put on your best Noobish Outfit and try and try and look noobish . The final category is Festive, but on your best holiday outfit but NO COSTUMES ALLOWED.


Prizes: Best of 2011: 1st - 100k, 2nd - A Birthday Shirt, Valentines Shirt and Halloween Costume, 3rd - A Halloween Costume

Prizes: Festive: 1st - 100k, 2nd - 3 Winter Wear Items, 3rd - 1 Winter Wear Item

Prizes: Noobish: 1st - 100k, 2nd - Two Max Gear Items, 3rd - One Old School Gear Item


Note: The Judges Will Be Shadow Kevin, Raven Moontrekker and Lolaya

Event #4 - Renegade Raffle

When: Saturday December 31th at the Christmas Party 3PM EST

Who: Renegade

Where: Nicole Glitterpeak's MerryVale Lot After the Fashion Show

What: After The Fashion Show everyone in Renegade at the party will have one ticket, you can buy additional tickets for 5k each to support the guild!

Prizes: To Be Announced (New VRS, Coins, Clothes!)

Hope you all enjoy the events we have planned! :)

Events for December Part 1 *Some Events Rescheduled*

Posted by Lolaya on December 6, 2011 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (8)

Hey guys, the best season of the year IMO, is here! There is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve, Food, Parties, Presents, and family!

Since were talking about family, why don't we talk about the Family of Renegade :) Leaders Officers and others like Patrick Shadowhalk have been discussing events games and contests for December. Hope you like them :)

Event #1: Christmas Gift Exchange + Party and games *Rescheduled*

When: December 30th at 3PM EST 12PM PST (Ask for Time Conversions)

Who: The whole guild and only the guild

Where: TBA (To Be Anounced) Probably one of Nicoles Houses

What: This will be a full out Christmas party where we will party, play games, give raffles, and have a special alloted time to give out presents. More details on the presents in a forum post. (Optional: Gift Exchange) *Everyone who comes will get a free cool gift courtesy of Renegade*

Forum Game #1: ¿? Mystery Question ¿? *Finished* Winner Will Be Announced Shortly

When: December 9th to December 15th

Who: All Site Guild Members and Officers

Where: Renegade Forums

What: It will be a forum thread where I will ask a question for you to write a short paragraph about. More details to come on the thread.

Prizes: Anyone entering or responding is entered in the raffle for 100k, Best Post judged by Raven and Me gets 100k

Event #2: Christmas Tree Climb 2nd Edition

When: TBA (To Be Announced) Probably near the end of December

Who: The whole guild and anyone who you want to invite (Only Renegaders are eligible for the prizes though)

Where: Nicole Glitterpeaks Tree Climbing House! (Under Construction)

What: This is our 2nd Edition of a Christmas Tree Climb and it is back after popular demand! More details on it later with rules and info.

Prizes: TBA with rest of info

Forum Game #2: ¡! Find Lolaya ¡!

When: December 16th to December 23rd

Who: All Site Guild Members and Officers

Where: Renegade Forums

What: It will be a forum thread with a picture of me in a santa hat, where YOU must find the place in Freerealms, and then post the pic on the thread. Rules and more info will be posted closer to the game. (Bonus Objective: *Hint- Santa Hat*)

Prizes: Anyone who attempts regardless of location- 10k, Anyone who gets the correct location- 20k, Grand Prize Winner- 50k.

Housing Contest: Build Santas Sleigh!

When: NOW to January 1st 2012

Who: The Whole Guild

Where: In each Respective House

What: Build Santa's Sleigh! Either the leaders will judge, or we will have a guild wide vote. No Requirements. Houses will be judged on Creativity, Clarity, Skill, and Presentation

Prizes: Anyone who enters- 50k, Grand Prize Winner-150k, 2nd Place- 75k, 3rd Place- 25k. (3rd Place also gets 25k Bonus)

Any questions please just ask me :)

Submit your House Here:

Have fun, and remember that the best Holiday Season of the Year is a very busy one!

Get ready for Events Part 2!

Prizes are contributed by people like you.

Sponsored by the Lolaya™ Foundation©

Renegade Trader

Posted by hippy_jezz on November 19, 2011 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (19)

Hi all,

I dont know about you...but sometimes i just WISH i could give some unwanted IG stuff to charity. Not just sell back to clear some room in me bag..:)

So i was thinking.....How about another Renegade Character...Who when they log on, we can give our unwanted items to.

It would be a nice way to donate to guild if you are short of coin!

We could use the donated items - maybe as prizes when people hold events, or to help guild members when they need some furniture, collection pieces etc.

We could even have a Renegade Charity Auction:)

Let me know wat you think of this idea....Cos my inventory is sure getting