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House Party

Posted by Lolaya on February 10, 2012 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey guys, sorry for the short notice but I did not know if I was going to make it or not.

House Party/Tour

February 10th 2012

8 PM EST (Ask for time conversions)

All over the housing server

Anyone who wants to have fun visiting other guild members houses, and winning items!

If you would like for your house to be shown in this house party, please whisper Lolaya in game.

Not only will it be a House Party to show off marvelous houses you guys build, but also to get together with guild members, have raffles, and partay!

Raffle Prizes:




Raven's leadership position (JK)

Jakes Dignity (Not joking on that one)


Come and have fun! Sorry for the rush while writing this news entry, didn't feel like taking the time and being a reporter :) I will do that next time.

Renegade Race

Posted by Lazaris on September 20, 2011 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (7)

Renegade Race

Hello Renegade,

Nicole, Lolaya, and Lazaris (Zak) will be hosting a event that I like to call the Renegade Race.

There are four obstacle courses. Two are made by me, and two are made by Nicole.


The rules are simple.

No cheating

No short cuts

And no glitches if you know any


The directions are easy

The four races will be held on four different days

Ten people will place


I will keep track of points and whoever has the most points after all four courses will win

1st place is 10 points

2nd place is 9 points

3rd place is 8 points


The 1st race will be at my Snowhill Lot on Saturday October 1, 2011 9:00 AM PST 12:00 PM EST (Ask for time conversions)

The 2nd race will be at Nicole's Lonely Island Lot on Sunday October 2, 2011 at 3:00 PM PST 6:00 PM EST (Ask for conversions)

The 3rd race will be at my Lonely Island Lot on Saturday October 8, 2011 at 9:00 AM PST 12:00 PM EST (Ask for conversions)

The 4th and final race will be at Nicole's Wild House on Sunday October 9, 2011 at 3:00 PM PST 6:00 PM EST (Ask for conversions)


The prizes are great.

1st place gets the title "Renegade Racer" and gets 60 grand

2nd place gets 40 grand

3rd place gets 20 grand

This is gonna be so much fun. I hope you all can come

Also please check the comments for schedule changes



Ninja's of the Realms

Posted by Jáy on August 20, 2011 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (11)

Hosted By ©2010 €rusaders Inc.

Jáy Productions

This is going to be a Ninja Tournament of dynamic proportions! It will be both an individual and a team tournament, so you can enter as a team (has to be Guild) and win as an individual. Then as the tournament progresses, as with most team tournaments, each win from your team's players in the winner brackets gets your team 4 pts and each win in the consolation bracket gets 2 pts, along with points for placing in the tournament: 16 pts for 1st place, 14 pts for 2nd place, etc. the whole way to 8th place.

To enter this tournament just leave your name here and whenever you are usually able to get online (loosely such as nights or weekends, etc.) and if you are participating as a guild then also your Guild’s name (I encourage this because then you have the option if others from your guild sign up later). Also eventually you should add me as a friend in Freerealms or one of Crusader officers. If you are particular with your friends, then you and your opponent will have to post on here about who won. Both need to confirm it.

The tournament is either going to be 64 people or 128, so if over 64 people sign up, expect the first round of winners bracket and consolations bracket to have many forfeits. As far as seeding goes, they are going to be random except that i'll try to pair people up who are online usually at the same time and based on the fact that I will try as hard as I can to keep people from the same guild dueling each other. I do hope this tournament does well, I have hosted tournaments while leader of Renegade, Imperious, and Crusader but never something on this scale, if this does go well then I plan on making it annual, and may bring in other jobs, maybe.

Who: Whoever signs up

What: Giant Guild Ninja Tournament Thingy

When: Sign-ups before August 31; Happening Month of September

Where: Freerealms of course silly!

Why: Well to be quite honest this is for my benefit xD I love dueling ninja and want to see if anybody out there can beat me in a tournament, there are 3 people who have before, but they’re retired. However I am not ignorant enough to say that I know everybody in freerealm, so that’s where this tournament comes in handy. So far I’m like 8 time undefeated in Renegades, Imperious, and Crusader’s Tournaments and look forward to dueling in this one (I love winning tournaments because then I get to save the prizes for other tournaments)


-Any Breaking of the rules is a warning for First Offense and kicked out of tournament and Crusader Events as Second Offense-

1. Its your job to find your opponent and duel them, I will help though.

-If you wish you can try to have a Crusader Officer/Leader there to ref the matches but this is not required

2. NO Potions, Orbs, Illusions, Chance-To-Heal-When-Hit Shards, or Glitching (I consider the teleport to help a glitch)

-WATCH OUT for Vampire Shards. Though they my seem like healing, it does actually look different than energy potions. Leaving a match when mistake is up to the other person to decide whether or not to count it as a win or a redo.

3. Each match is a best 2 out of 3 duels

-If somebody used a potion, etc. then 1 of those matches counts as a loss, not all 3

-No excuses shall be allowed, we’re sorry but if your lagging or anything else, your opponent has the right to kill you

-Notify a leader or officer or this site when you win or lose.

4. There shall be no cursing or any other kinds of bad sportsmanship

5. In order to enter the tournament you are encouraged add Jáy, tell us your ign, loosely wat times you can get online, and your Guild.

-The fancy á is made by holding down ALT and typing in 0225

-The officers in our guild are Miles Emeraldblade, Kai, Elite Locos, Horohoro, Royal Ryan, Allen253, Thundero, and Kimberly Emeraldblade, and Xaedric.

6. Each time one of your team members advance in the winners bracket they get 4 pts, every time they advance in the consolation bracket they will get 2 pts. Individual 1st place awards your team 16 pts, 2nd place is 14 pts, etc. the whole way down to 8th place

-Consolation Bracket is any bracket not in the winners bracket, this tournament shall be double Elimination until you go for 5th/6th and 7th/8th

-The only reason i keep saying team is because even though it has to be your guild, your guild can have more than one team.

7. This Tournament is going to span the month of September, so there will be plenty of time to duel your opponents, and I’ll try to do it that 1 round of Winner’s bracket and 2 of consolation happen each week.

-You have until August 31, 2011 to enter this tournament

-If you and your opponent haven’t dueled by the end of the week then we’ll have to choose a winner or if extenuating circumstances then postpone a few days

8. I reserve the right to modify these rules if I find that I had left anything out or that one of the rules needs correcting

-I also reserve the right to cancel the tournament if not enough people show up

9. The most important rule i saved for last is to make sure you all have fun!!



Okay, I saved the prizes for last because I knew that was the only way to get you to read the rules, and if you did skip over them, I advise you to go back and make sure you read them carefully before entering.

Before reading remember that any other donations, while coins or rare ninja items, will be accepted with much hugs and kisses. Coins we can always use help with and the items will be used so there can be more prizes, or greater ones.

Individual Winners:

(The actual winners of the tournament, doesn't mean you had to enter as an individual)

1st Place-400k along with a choice of a Luminous or Glacial Weapon (I have 5 total), and a Flying Dragon Sword, and a Striking Serpent Sword

-This of course also comes along with the proclaimed Title: Ninja of the Realms

2nd Place-300k along with choice of a Luminous or Glacial Weapon (1st place chooses first)

3rd Place-200k along with Full Goth Set

4th Place-100k along with 2 Chatty Backpacks

5th Place-80k along with Punker Pants

6th Place-80k

7th Place-60k

8th Place-40k

Guild Winners:

(Teams with the most points)

1st Place-100k per member along with a set of old school ninja gear per member (i have like 10 sets to choose from, only 1 of each kind though)

-As with the previous first winner, the recognition/accomplishment that comes with this is great also

2nd Place-100k per members along with a balloon sword and omen sword per member

3rd Place-80k per members

Most Spirited/Team Unity-50k per members


Crusader- 3,520,000 Coins

Jay- Glacial/Luminous Weapons & Omen Swords & Balloon Swords & 9 sets of Old Ninja & Chadty Backpack & Flying Dragon Sword

Renegade- Balloon Swords & Striking Serpent Sword

Jake Granite Wave- Old ninja gear

Relentless- Balloon Swords & Omen Swords


Entry Lists-

Crusader- Jáy, Miles Emeraldblade, Prince Tridon, Elite Locos

Crusader 2- Shadowz, Rock Hopperflare

Renegade- Jake Granitewave, Zäk

Relentless- Commander Conner

Mystic Mayhem- Nixxy


Supreme Ninja


-Entry List and Donators only will be updated on the Crusader Site and FR Forums Site-

Snow Days Special Member Award!

Posted by Lolaya on December 11, 2010 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (26)

Taken from the Freerealms Site:

"Snow Days are filled with gifts and excitement that come only once a year. If you are a current member (or sign up before the deadline) we have a special and huge Snow Days Reward to thank you for supporting Free Realms!

All Member accounts in good standing at NOON on Wednesday December 15th will receive a super cool Snow Days Special Member Reward!

Not a Member yet? Sign up before the deadline and you’ll get the reward too!

We will begin delivering the rewards on December 16th at noon. It will take two to three days for the gifts to get to every account.

If you are already a member, you don’t have to do a thing. You don’t even have to unwrap your special reward. Just look for the reward pack to show up in your “Claim” window.

Your reward will be determined by your Membership plan in effect at the deadline...

1 Month Membership Bundle - A 675 SC Value!

10,000 Coin

Costume Tree Outfit

3 Month Membership Bundle - A 1325 SC Value!

20,000 Coin

Costume Tree Outfit

Dot – Dalmatian Pet

6 Month Membership Bundle - A 2700 SC Value!

30,000 Coin

Costume Tree Outfit

Dot – Dalmatian Pet

Wugachug Lot

Mega Dance Floor

12 Month Membership Bundle – A 3500 SC Value!

40,000 Coin

Costume Tree Outfit

Dot – Dalmatian Pet

Wugachug Lot

Mega Dance Floor

Scaled Dragon

Lifetime Membership Bundle – A 4825 SC Value!

50,000 Coin

Costume Tree Outfit

Dot – Dalmatian Pet

Wugachug Lot

Mega Dance Floor

Scaled Dragon

Blackspore Swamp House"

So if you dont have any membership get one fast to get a free bonus :)

Remember to get it by the 15th by Noon!

Guild Party Day

Posted by Lolaya on November 24, 2010 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (2)

Hey its Lolaya and i wanted to tell you guys about a event i entered us in that other guilds are entered to. This is a friendly party

(and i mean friendly-please no bashing other guilds) with other guilds and famous ones like the New Mystic Mayhem, Insiders, Renegade


No bashing other guilds

Be respectful of other guilds

Have fun

Wear guild colors please

and Just come to meet other people


Friday November 26th,

Sanctuary Server 8

at 7:30 PM EST

4:30 PST

Any other time conversions just post here and i will do it for you :)

Btw i might make a last minute event for the party if i know i can stay and host it

Now for the link for the official post: