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"Individually, we are one drop. In Renegade, we are an ocean"- Smartblonde
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Free Realms Sunrise

Posted by Jáy on April 18, 2019 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Team!

In case you hadn't heard: Free Realms is dead — long live Free Realms Sunrise! For the past few years, this emulator project has endeavored to return the beloved family MMORPG that ran from 2009 to 2014. While Free Realms Sunrise isn’t ready for a full-fledged release, the volunteer team behind it is excited to show off the progress that it has made on the MMO so far. (

Give the progress video a quick watch below and see if it might trigger some fond nostalgia in you!

Lastly, if you are interested in keeping tabs or reconnecting with old buddies, feel free to join our Discord Server:

Best Wishes,

Jáy Nightblade

Christmas 2013 Message

Posted by Adam Vaporstinger on December 10, 2013 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello Renegade! Merry Christmas! Ik it has been a while :)

It's been another year for Renegade, while we may not be our glory days, we still stick together like a family. I know that we arn't as active as we can be now that the old generation of Renegaders are all out  there aspiring to be the best they can be and we all know that Free Realms helped us in our lives in some way. My goal for 2014 is to bring a new generation of Renegaders and make Renegade an epic place to be! Recently, we've had minor recruitment (thanks Shane!) and, through a series of phases, I will place not just have active people, but people who are friendly and nice (very important) as well as anyone who is willing give us a chance. NOW, on other notes...

RENEGADE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To bring some holiday cheer, I will be hosting a christmas party :) 

Featuring a TWISTER event!

When: Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 - 9PM EASTERN (sorry Jezz)

Where: We will start at at my lot for Twister, and then head on over to Snowhill, server 9 to pelt some evil snowmen :)

Twister How to Play:


  • You start out with on a platform high away from the ground.
  • Your mission is to not fall down from the blocks.
  • A leader will call a color, you must then move to find that block color and stand on it.
  • Falling results in you being out.
  • Using a teleporter is your decision and is part of the game.


Rules: Not really much rules. You have 30 seconds to find a block so try not and be AFK. Rides are allowed (at ye own risk) but POGO STICKS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

As for Free Realms,


That's right, new for Snowy Days 2013 are toys found in ANY wheel. Some are more rare than others and come in over 10 different colors, making them almost never ending! Start collecting today (I certainly know I have)!

Check out my Royal Park Lot for a showcase of quite a few toys which are updated daily with new ones. Just look under the wall ;) 

Oh and be sure to start soon, once Snowy Day 2013 is gone, the toys may never return as there will be even more toys (different ones though) next year!

(not my image)

Top Row: Abominable Snowman, Armored T-Rex, Bat, Bear, Bezzle, Bicycle, Bixie Chugawug, Bixie Gatherer, Bixie Worker

Row 2: Blighted Floren, Bolted Cakeling, Brutus the Brute, Cactoid, Cakeling, Cakenstein, Captain Chugug, Chatty, Chrome Cactoid, Chrome Mini-Rocklar, Chugawug Merrymaker, Chugawug Reveler,

Row 3: Chugawug Visitor, Commander Kluggenkrush, Corrupted Floren, Cursed Bear, Darkthorne, Dotted T-Rex, Druid Heavy Bear, Druid Mystic Bear, Druid Ranger Bear, Druid Scout Bear, Druid Warrior Bear

Row 4: Dwarftech Chopper, Echolyss, Elemental Guardian, Enraged Screechling, Evil Snowman, Fan Faire 2011 Bicycle

Row 5: Firece Bear, Forest Floren,Fruitcake Critter, Fungal Soldier, Futuristic Bicycle, General Drahk, Gloam Construct

Row 6: Gloam Overlord, Gold-Tipped Dragon, Hedge Giant, Hedge Guardian, Holiday Floren, Holiday Robgoblin, Holiday Robgoblin, Howling Banshee

Row 7: Ice Sentinel, Mushroom Gigas, Necronomicus, Nogg the Cruel, Pinkeye, Pumpkin Prince, Queen Valerian, Red Tractor, Red-Winged Bat, Retro Bike

Row 8: Robgoblin Ambusher, Robgoblin Bruiser, Robgoblin Cook, Robgoblin Fisherman, Robgoblin Forager, Robgoblin Geomancer, Robgoblin Jester, Robgoblin Kaboomer, Robgoblin Mech, Robgoblin Mechanic, Robgoblin Partier, Robgoblin Partycrasher, Robgoblin Ruffian

Row 9: Robgoblin Scrapsmith, Robgoblin Shinyseeker, Robgoblin Tinkerer, Robgoblin Trickster, Rocklar Boss, Rocklar Guardian, Sabertooth, Sad Chatty

Row 10: Sandscale Hunter, Santa's Sleigh-mobile, Scaled Dragon, Scrapmaster Fizzbang, Silversnow, Skeletal T-Rex, Skullz Chopper, Spiked T-Rex, Spotted T-Rex, Stone Sabertooth

Bottom: Striped Robgoblin Mech, Striped Sabertooth, Striped T-Rex, Troll Miner, Troll Scout, Wilds Tractor, Withering Floren, Wonderous Tiger, Yeti Bruiser, Yeti Froster, Yeti Mystic

 NOTE: These are just the rarer ones. There are many more to keep you busy :D

Lastly, I will be on vacation from December 28th to January 6th. That's all I have to say for now Renegade! Hope some of you can make it to the partay and if we don't talk MERRY COOKIE DAY and cya IG Renegade!

2nd Annual Renegade Games: Phase II Times ***UPDATE***

Posted by Adam Vaporstinger on August 11, 2013 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello Renegade! This is a special announcement!!!! (and sorry for the short notice)

The final phase is finally upon us! So let's begin...

Thanks to Laura for the picture! (and ignore the phase 1 part :P ;)

The Games will begin TOMORROW and will last for 3 days! The Schedule is as followed.

(explanations of events will be given on the day of the event)

Day 1: Monday

Forum Event: Find Who Said It! 

When: Through Out the Day

Where: On the forums

In-Game Event: Seek and String Pixie Adam!

When: 9 PM Eastern

Where: Server 4

Day 2: Tuesday

Forum Event: Trivia!

When: Through Out the Day

Where: On the forums

In-Game Event:  Which Way do I go? (Mazes)

When: 9 PM Eastern

Where: There will be 2 lots. Çherokee Rose's Snowy Days Lot and Prince Tridon's Seaside Lot

Day 3: Wednesday

In-Game Event: Hide and Seek Streak Sparrow! (Shadow Kevin's Alt)

When: 2 PM Eastern

Where: Server 4

In-Game Event: Silly String War!

When: 5 PM Eastern

Where: Prince Tridon's Seaside Lot


In-Game Event: Free Realms Twister!

When: 9 PM Eastern

Where: Adam Vaporstinger's Radical Bluff (Island Lot)

Twister has been moved to Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 8PM

All rules Free Realms and Renegade rules apply. You MUST be a Renegade member to participate in these games and events/

Each day I will make a post explaining what each event is about and it's rules. Rewards will also be discussed in these posts  :D

I again apologize for this late notice, but I hope you all ca still make it.

Please PM on the site or In-Game if you have any questions!


May the odds be ever in your favor.


3rd Annual Renegade Choice Awards *Final Date Change*

Posted by Lolaya on November 17, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (10)

Good morning Renegade, this is a Special RNN News Broadcast with your special host Lolaya! I am back to present a special big event due to the abscence of other events. This event is the Renegade Choice Awards! The 1st Renegade Awards was on November 19th 2010, while the 2nd was in August 2011. We can't let a year slip by without continuing the tradition! If you've never been part of the awards or this is your 3rd awards, you're going to have so much fun.

Not know what this is about? Don't worry... read on and you will find out all the details on this spectacular evening.

This show is only the most spectacular, and respected awards show in Freerealms! I will post a survey link on the bottom of this page, and YOU will choose the nominees for each category. The categories range from A to Z, like the most Aspiring Builder, to the Zoophile member of the guild. YOU guys decide. It's the Renegade Choice Awards!

Where is it? Top secret information! If you're interested in hosting the Gala after the show, please contact me.

New features for this years show: Better prizes, improved survey design, improved categories/organization, and last but not least, a better co-host!

The Link below will lead you to another site that will let you input Freerealms In game Character Names. This survey will be strictly confidential and will not lead to any information leakst. After completing the survey (Including the Renegade Experience Matrix©;), you are done! Let's make this the best rewards show ever!

1 hour before the show, the survey will close, so try to get in your nominees as soon as possible!

When: Friday, December 28th at 4:30 PM EST (Ask me for time conversion help)
*Date change due to Where's Waldo Event in FR and waiting for more responses
Where: The house will be revealed the day of the awards show. If you're late, please whisper the owner of the house to be invited
Who: Only guildies are invited to make this as exclusive and controlled as possible

  • You cannot vote for yourself (Unvalid vote)

  • No hacking/altering/cheating of the survey results (Disqualification of vote and removal from the guild)

  • No buying or selling of votes to win nominations (Disqualification from awards show and possible demotion)

  • Only 1 response per person per computer (Disqualification of vote)

  • Be a good winner and a good loser

  • Be as truthful as possible on the ballot

  • Everyone in the guild is eligible for nominations unless specified on the survey

The 3 Leaders reserve the right to change/replace/alter/remove/add anything in the Rules


The best nomination in the awards show is Renegader of the Year which wins a TCG VR and 150k in coins

Every other regular category winner wins 20k

There will also be many raffles with over 200k in prizes including TCG, old school, and coins

Click here to enter the Renegade Survey

QR Code for Smartphone Survey Completion

Start voting!


Prizes brought to you by the Renegade Bank


TCG Tourney Final Games

Posted by Lolaya on August 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Hey guys, This TCG Tourney is wrapping up! We already have 1 finalist (Adam Vaporstinger) and 2 semi-finalists who still have to face each other.

Whoever wins the semi-final series will go into the finals to face Adam! Good luck guys!


Adam Vaporstinger (1st seeded) vs Prince Tridon (2nd seeded)

Newest TCG Tourney Brackets *Updated July 16

Posted by Lolaya on July 7, 2012 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (7)

TCG Tourney Brackets are out!

This is double elimination, so if you lose 1 game you're still in the game!

Remember, the games are 2 out of 3 and in the Casual Games Lobby

Guild VS Apl Deap

Any questions please ask here or in game

July Events!!! *SC Card Prize*

Posted by Prince Tridon on June 18, 2012 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (21)

Heya guild and other creepers reading this, Prince Tridon here to tell you that it is time to  start doing events in this marvelous guild.  Well whats the guild event you may ask?  Well Lolaya and I have chosen to have a KART RACING TOURNAMENT and TCG TOURNAMENT. If you want to sign up for a tournament just post in the comments below or inbox me/pm me/chat me up and tell me what tournament you want to join (Can be both). Then maybe a PARTY after the events to celebrate summer.  Here is the info on these to events.


When: Friday July 6th, 2012 at 7:00 PM EST (Ask for time conversion)

Where: All 5 race tracks (Frost Ridge at beginning, Sandstorm, Tangletrack, Thunder Falls, and Wildwood)

Who: Renengade Guild Only!!

What: Kart Racing Tourney (See rules below)


-No cheating/hacking/game manipulating/glitches of any kind! If found cheating you will be eliminated from Tournament and maybe banned from Renegade

-Respect others and don't be a sore loser or sore winner, don't show off in a mean way either, If you don't follow this you will be stripped of any prize and you risk being banned/suspended for future events

-No bribing is allowed- If you do this then you will be stripped off 2 points

-No lying about anything (We expect the truth from each member) Failure to do so will eliminate you from the Tourney and maybe even the guild/ and or future events

-Bragging mildly is fine as long as you midly brag and not pinpoint others

-If you say win, 1st place and want the 2nd or 3rd place prize, just tell me and i will switch with a prize that is lower then your current place (Highly unsuggested

-If you cannot stay for the whole tournament, please notify Lolaya or Prince Tridon so we know you didnt get disconnected or something like that, as it will really help us

-Please Follow any of these rules- Punishments apply to wherever it says, and if i feel neccescary to any punishments I feel justifiable

-Follow all Free Realms Rules and Code of Conduct

-Please Be Patient I havent did a kart racing event before


How it works:

-You will be placed in a group and you will stay in that group and race all the tracks in that group. (4 people in a group and Lolaya or Prince Tridon)

-When you win a race or come in 2nd or 3rd or so forth you are awarded points, I Prince Tridon will keep up with the points.

-Points: 1st place is awarded 10 points, 2nd is 8 points, 3rd is 6 points, 4th is 5 points

-After all the races are done the top point holder from each group will race at an unspecified track to decide the winner

-Depending on how many groups there are, we will modify the brackets to make it work and explain the final setup


1st place: $10 SC Card

2nd place: 250k in coins

3rd place: 100k in coins

Groups: (Tentative)

Group 1:

Adam Vaporstinger

Sora Skywalker

Gage Powermetal1

Nicole Glitterpeak

Group 2:



Jezzi Jumbleboots

Group 3:


Nate Flameknight

Sora Skywalker

TCG Tournament

What: TCG Tournament

Where: TCG Casual Game Lobby

When: Saturday July 7th, 2012 at 7:00 PM EST (Ask for time conversions)

Who: Renegade Guild only!!

-Post here to sign-up or tell me in game

-Matches are best 2 of 3 games so in case you have a bad hand or something

-Double Elimination, top 5 placing, top 3 getting a prize

-Have Fun, and do Not Cheat,

-If you're found cheating then you'll be immediately removed from the guild, plus probably have no chance of being in any guild that we are allied with

-I will be posting brackets on the site after enough people sign up, the brackets won't be complete until time of tournament

-I reserve the right to cancel any tournament that i feel does not have enough participants

-I reserve the right to push a tournament into the next convenient day if it seems that too many people are having to leave half way through


1st place: Shuffle Shooter

2nd place: Full Goth Set

3rd place: 3 Free Realms Booster Packs

Best Deck: 1 Booster Pack of any choice (Everyones deck will be judged)

Tournament Brackets (Added Later):

Laura Goodheart

Jake Granitewave

Adam Vaporstinger


Sora Skywalker

Gage Powermetal1

Jezzi Jumbleboots

Posion Ivy13

Renegade Jake

Samantha Skytop

Nicole Glitterpeak

Little Matt


Nick Thundertower2

Epic Chrissy

PS. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for setup and find out the exact details of the event.

Thanks and Happy Decking/Racing!


Events Wrap-up *Edit*

Posted by Lolaya on May 14, 2012 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (8)

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long for posting winners for the events we had. (Wow I said for a lot in that sentence) I am now going to post the winners for both events I haven't anounced.

These 2 events are the Renegade Site Story Contest and the most recent Renegade Sign Contest 2012

I was surprised at the marvelous stories and signs!

It took me so long to get the winners for 2 reasons...

1. I forgot and always procrastinated

2. It was too hard to choose! You guys are SO good at creating stories and I enjoyed reading them all

So here are the winners...

Renegade Site Story Contest:

1st Place- Shadow Kevin

2nd Place- Princess Strongheart

3rd Place- Falcon

Since they were all very good, I decided to increase the participation prizes for the people who didn't make it into the top 3. Now the prize is 30k each. I also decided to make more categories.

Most Imagery Story- Princess Strongheart (40k bonus)

Inspiring Story- Prince and Kelly (30k bonus each)

You guys have surprised me and I was very happy to read them :) Keep on writing.

Renegade Sign Contest:

I personally haven't see any of the signs but since you guys had the unplanned event I have the winners! Great job guys, I heard they were all very good!

1st Place (Supposed to be Tridon but he left :( great job though)- Isaac Thundervale

2nd Place- Nicole Glitterpeak

3rd Place- Jake Swiftrocks

Most creative sign- Isaac Thundervale

I am sorry for delaying these 2 event anouncements for so long. Great job once again! You guys blew me out of my mind.

500 Members and 1st 1000th Post Poster

Posted by Lolaya on March 27, 2012 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (10)

When I first took the reigns of this site, I thought I would be the most active poster moderating a small forum guild site of about 5 active members. Boy was I wrong! This site has become so much more than that! It makes me happy to say we have 500 members now on this site and we now have our 1st member to reach 1000 posts in the forums!

Our 500th Member was Gage Powermetal1

For being here on the special occasion, you win 50k!

This site has meant a lot to me. It has meant friends, Jezzi, Jakes love, jokes, stories, music, videos, photos, events, games, drama, updating. I try to make this site the best to my ability. Yes it is time consuming, sometimes boring, but it is always gratifying knowing you guys come on the site, post on it, and think it is useful. That reason alone makes me willing to make this site even better.

I want to thank everyone who makes my work worthwhile and hopefully we can make it better for many months to come! Post on the site, please give me feedback/tips/suggestions. Constructively criticizing me will not only help the site but hopefully satisfy questions and help you guys out.

On related news, Prince has now reached 1000 posts! It is great to see our 1st member reach 1000 posts and I hope to see many more players reach it. Prince has won 40k and a spot on the Renegade Hall of Fame for Top Poster! (Hopefully i'm next lol)

Thank you for entertaining me from the beginning of the site and I hope you guys have been entertained as well.

Keep on posting, from the staff of <Renegade>


December Wrap Up

Posted by Lolaya on January 4, 2012 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (3)

Man! December was a very fun month! It has come to an end (For the Most Part) and we have news from the events and some spoilers for the future.

Build Santa's Sleigh:

If anyone has built it or is building it, please comment here. If you are still building we can still give you some time

Find Lolaya:

We have moved Find Lolaya to one of the forum events this month, January. Stay tuned on front page.

Christmas Tree Climb 2nd Edition:

It will be sometime this month or in the month of February. Stay tuned on front page.

Mystery Question:

We have 2 winners!

The Best Post Award goes to... Venom6

The Random Winner goes to... Adam Vaporstinger

You both get 100k EACH

Great Job to Everyone who Participated! Raven and I had a pretentious time choosing!

Find Frosty:

Renegade Falcon found Frosty even though it took a bit of hard work and time! Nice job Falcon! We all had a great time.

Renegade Raffle:

We had many more winners then we first thought out! We expanded the winnings to make more people happy, and surprisingly everyone there won a prize!


Sunstone Valley Lot- Abuckluk Walter

Clockwork Beetle Pet- Awesome Pitbull

Series 3 TCG Pack- Katie Peachaberry

Blue Hoverboots- Aaron Swiftblade

2 Series 3 TCG Clothes Items- Shadeslayer

50k- Aaron Swiftblade

20k- Katie Peachaberry

10k- Jake Swiftrocks

It was a great fundraising event, and I want to give thanks to all Renegaders who attended, and especially Shadow Kevin for supplying most prizes!

Spoilers/Hints to the Future:

2012 is going to be a great year! I might be less active then usual, but when I do get on, we are going to have countless events that you guys will enjoy! 2012 is going to be a year of great prosperity in Freerealms and hopefully a new area we can conquer. I hope you stay with us to see the many marvelous things this guild can do.

Things to Expect in 2012:

  1. The Renegade Film Network© up and running for business!
  2. More Events
  3. Increased item/coin distribution
  4. *Maybe* a site redesign/2.0 elements added in
  5. Community Events
  6. Reaching 1000 in the Forum Game!
  7. Frequent New Forum Games
  8. Renegade International Expansion
  9. Guild Benefits

Things to Expect in January/February:

  • Possible Renegade TCG Tournament
  • Christmas Tree Climb 2nd Edition Event
  • Possible Dueling Tournament
  • ¡! Find Lolaya ¡! Forum/Ingame Event
  • Recruiting for The Renegade Film Network©

Happy New Years!