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"Stargate activated, incoming CardToy!"

With the Star Trek franchise in disarray, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate:Atlantis (together with BSG) are now the ones providing good (perhaps even better) quality entertainment to us sci-fi enthusiasts.  The ship designs are a bit of an acquired taste, but one eventually can't resist...

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Asgard Ship Jack O'Neill

...too bad her first mission was to self-destruct!  This was made using orthos from a Lightwave model I found on the net.  I had to build the 3D model from the ground up; and I still need to find better textures.

Asgard Ship Berliskner

The Asgard Thor's spaceship.  The textures are purely conjectural, as I don't have a complete and accurate image of this strange-looking craft.  The proportions should be correct though, I traced the fuzzy screencaps of displays and pictures of the ship shown on a couple of episodes.


This is a simplified design of Stargate Command’s production hybrid fighter, with a conjectural paint scheme based on current USAF camouflage schemes. The markings are supposed to show that it operates from the Daedalus.  I skipped the ordnance for now, but I am sure someone will be making their own…

BC-304 Daedalus

Stargate Command’s second space battle-cruiser, modeled from the diagrams released in the Stargate magazine.  Really, I put off finishing this for a long time just because of the number of engine nozzles!  And the crazy, irregular shape necessitated lots of parts.  

BUILD NOTES: This is a complicated build due to the complex shape, and will take a lot of perseverance.

BC-303 Prometheus

Drawn from rough sketches from the TV, screencaps, and views of the ship from various game mods (most of which were inconsistent with the imagery I got from the TV).  I had to break it down into quite a number of parts.  It's probably the Metasequioa model that I have worked on the longest; I finished many of the others in between working on this one.  Actually, I still tweaked it again after these screenshots... 

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