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What's New?

01 February 2013: All cardtoy files now hosted by Zealot Cardmodels for easier access.
11 May: Added a batch download link; all Wave 1 files in one RAR file
03 May 2010: Fixed Wave 1 links (again)
21 September 2009: Placed temporay links for all remaining Waves.
02 July 2009: Fixed temporary links for Wave 1 files.
14 February 2009: Temporarily placed direct links to Wave 1 files due to continuing download site problems
19 February 2008: Corrected the errors in the wings of the X-71 Space Shuttle

12 January: Added lined patterns of the USS Prometheus and the Battlestar Galactica.
5 November: Uploaded resized Battlestar Pegasus.
15 July: Uploaded the Outrider, Bubble-fighter, and X-71.
24 June:  Fixed some errors on the Delta-type Warp Vessel file.
23 June:  Added the USS Sagittarius
21 June:  Added the Babylon 5 Station,  Voyager, Delta-type Warp Vessel, Jupiter 2, SS Swinetrek, and USS Prometheus.
19 June: Deleted the "Carding Soon" page, and integrated previews into the topic pages.

16 June: Uploaded resized versions of the Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Valkyrie to make them more or less proportional with the Battlestar Pegasus.
22 May:  Uploaded the VWing, Colonial One, Enterprise-D, Klingon Raptor, O'Neill, Omega and Victory class destroyers, & Moonraker 5.
08 May: Corrected the Battlestar Valkyrie file
22 April:  Added the Battlestar Valkyrie.
03 March:  Counted over 50,000 downloads ! ! !
29 February 2007: Reduced the photos of the 3D models and finally added photos to the Visitor's Cards album
10 November: Uploaded the Second Wave of CardToys
23 October:  Added 'Build Notes' to some entries, and centralized the download links to just the "Dealer's Choice" page
09 October:  Deleted the Sneak Previews.
04 September:  Added the Sneak Previews.
12 July:  Added links for the legal form of the license for all users of my works
06 July:  Downloads back online.
03 July:  Site is unfrozen, but I have a NEGATIVE(!?) bandwidth allocation.  I have suspended direct downloading until I am able to transfer and distribute the downloadable files to other websites in order to keep bandwidth usage from freezing the site again.
19 June:  Bandwidth usage goes thru the roof, reaching 1.2G in 4 days, or 120% over the 500M allocation.  Even though I had the site sponsored, apparently it was too much.  The site is frozen, and I have to alter the way in which the CardToys can be downloaded.
16 June:  Corrected the typos in the link to the USS Titan's instructions, and my email address.
15 June 2006:  Welcome to the Grand Opening!

Share the joy, give away a CardToy!

A lot of kids can't afford the amazing and cool toys that have been coming out nowadays.  Toys can be pretty expensive.  Everywhere, children in orphanages, foster homes, or living in the streets can grow up not experiencing the sheer fun and joy of having a cool toy.  When you find the time, share these card-toys with them; build them and give them away.  I am sure that you will find the happiness in their faces absolutely priceless.   

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