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The authenticity of the photo below is unknown.

(Above) Skeletal remains of a giant found already partially uncovered in the South East of Saudi Arabia by an oil company (ARAMCO geological team). The government covered up the incident and seized all evidence and 99.9% of photographs. It was combated on the internet by releasing a series of fake giant photos to dumb down the find. For more info go to:

Alien-like skull found in Peru (Photographed by Robert Connolly in 1995).

This skull is incomplete, as the lower part of the facial area is concerned. What is apparent from the remnants of the facial portion is that the characteristics are entirely within the range of a normal human skull. The cranial vault is very large and the two protruding "lobes" are highly anomalous. The cranial capacity can be estimated safely above 3000 ccm mark. (Above info from: ibid)

Author, researcher and lecturer, Lloyd Pye, writes; “The only explanation I can imagine for the specimens to be naturally born is if the neoteny (the ability of the species to prolong the growth period before maturing) of both groups had been expanded beyond the range for a modern type of human, for the skull to grow to such a size. That may also mean the average life span of these specimens may have been substantially longer than the average for the modern human type.” (The Starchild Project)

Peru Egypt Comparison

Skull comparison between Peruvian skull and an Egyptian bust. 




This photo is a fake. One of the pictures circulated to throw doubt on the Arabian incident and photos of giants in general. Perpetrators have used forced perspective (see below). The usual stories attached to these pictures are Photoshop competitions or film production stills for movies that never see release.

Very elaborate models. Sneaky!!!

Giant Axes fond in Sumer. Bagdad Museum Iraq.

Undeniably one of the most authentic “giant” pictures in circulation today. This photo appears in my book All Lights on in the Master’s House in the chapter entitled, “Send in the Giants,” with detailed background information. This fossilised giant was discovered in 1895 by Mr. Dyer during a mining operation in County Antrim, Ireland. The photo was originally published by the British magazine, "Strand" and was since reprinted in a book called, Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland, written by W.G. Wood-Martin. The book is available from select second-hand booksellers, but costs an arm and a leg to buy.


The giants measurement were: height 12ft and 2 in (3.70 m), thoracic circumference 6ft and 6in (1.37 m), length of arms 4ft and 6in (1.37 m), weight 2 tons and 112 lbs (2050 kg) Apparently the right foot had six fingers though it is hard to tell from the photo. The owners and the giant have since disappeared.