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Jason's Guitars

As you may or may not know, Jason collects vintage guitars. He was quoted in an interview as having around vintage 40 guitars in 1992 (who knows how many he has now).

This page will probably ultimately be pretty small though since Jason is almost never seen with a guitar since he plays bass 99% of the time. So these are the guitars that I have pictures of Jason with:

Danelectro Double Neck

This is definately one from Jason's vintage guitar collection. It appears to me that the upper neck is a standard guitar and the lower neck is a baritone guitar due to the longer scale (look at the bridge placement).






Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

"I let Kirk touch it every once in a while when he comes over, if he's nice"


I don't know how to date these but I suspect it's an older one, worth a lot a money.




















Fender Telecaster Guitar

Jason played this guitar with Sepultura on a few of the Voivod/Sepultura tour dates.












Parker Fly Guitar

Jason gave this guitar to Ruben Moss of the Moss Brothers as most guitars are too heavy for him. The parker fly guitar weighs around 2 pounds. Jason played bass on the Moss Brother's latest album "Electricitation" and toured with them for a while. They also opened for echobrain on the "keep me alive" tour



GMP Guitar, Custom "Jaylor" model

This is the guitar that Jason plays with Papa wheelie, one of his Project bands in which he plays guitar


Thanks to Mothorfus for submitting the pic below (small as it may be). Jason is holding up his GMP guitar as well as a copy of the Papa wheelie Cd "Unipsycho"







Esp EXP Guitar

This could very well be James Hetfields guitar. It has a metallica sticker on it which I've never seen on any of James' EXP's so I dunno.










Fender Strat

This looks like a beat up old fender strat and it could be Kirk's guitar but I don't know for sure.








Ernie Ball, Musicman Baritone Guitar?

I'm not sure on this one, but the headstock shape looks like that of an Ernie Ball musicman guitar, and I could be wrong but this really looks like a baritone guitar to me.















Acoustic Guitar

This is Jason with an acoustic guitar on the set for the "Whiskey in the Jar" video












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