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Jared's Bio & Updates

Yep, a *NEW* addition to the "Always Jensen" site, "Always Jared". See, in "Supernatural", you can't have Dean without Sam, or vice versa. Techinically, "Cheaper by the Dozen" would've been the first place I saw Jared Padalecki, but, I didn't really recognize him until "Supernatural". Now, I almost always call him Sam or Jared.

Jared started taking acting lessons when he was 12, and got his big break, when he got to appear as a host, in 1999's "Teen Choice Awards". This spawned a career break, which landed him such roles as Dean on "Gilmore Girls", plus some bit parts in big screen movies, such as "Cheaper by the Dozen", "New York Minute", and "Flight of the Phoenix". He has also had major roles in big screen horror movies, such as "House of Wax" (which he played opposite one of his best friends, Chad Michael Murray), and "Cry Wolf" (where he played opposite Sandra McCoy, who not soon after became his girlfriend).

I know it's been awhile since I did any updating here, but it's about time, huh? lol...There is a new link on this site, as you can see at the right, called "Jared/Sam Calendar", and I just recently made it. If anyone uses it, please credit back to this site, or the partner site, "AJA". Thank you all for being patient with me. I hope you enjoy your visit, and hope that you will come back. :)

In Opposite Roles/History of the Winchesters

In the initial casting for the roles of Sam and Dean Winchester, Jared had been considered for the role of Dean, while Jensen had been considered for the role of Sam. But, when the auditions ensued, the writers, producers, creator, for the show, decided that Jared would do better in the role of Sam, as Jensen would be better as Dean. I think they're right. If it had gone the other way, I don't think the show would have as much charisma as it does now. Jared helps bring "Sam Winchester" to life, baring the "caring, huggable, and consider all angles" personality. Jensen does the same for "Dean", baring the "tough-as-nails facade, protective older brother, and protecting his family" personality.

When Sam turned 6 months old, on November 11, 1983, there was a tragedy that affected the Winchester family, so deeply, that it plagues them to this day. A demon invaded their house, and took their mother, in Sam's nursery. Being only 6 months, he wasn't old enough to remember that horrible night, but, Dean, being about 5 can only remember 2 things: his Mom stuck to the ceiling of his brother's nursery, and carrying Sam out of the house, while his Dad tried to save their Mom from a fiery death.

22 years later, John Winchester, Sam and Dean's father, left without a trace, hot on the trail of the demon they had so long been searching for. He didn't say a word to Dean, and Sam had left 4 years prior, to go to college, where he met the girl of his dreams, Jessica Moore. Dean showed up, unexpectedly and took Sam on a search that was thought to only last the weekend, when they found more clues to trying to find John. When Dean returned Sam to his dorm, Sam walked in thinking everything was okay, but found out to his horror, that Jessica had been pinned to the roof, same as his Mom. Dean broke in, and saved Sam from this horrible fiery fate, and finding the demon became an obsession to him, to avenge Jess's death.

Random Pics

Jared in "Cheaper by the Dozen":

Jared at the 2006 WB AllStar Party:

"House of Wax" Premiere:

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