Mabuhay in the native Filipino language translates to WELCOME in English. And this is precisely what this page is all about!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the JAMES PUREFOY PHILIPPINES site, built by me, Franz. This is a site made for Philippine, and hopefully, Asian fans of the stunning Brit Actor, James Purefoy.

Indulge in the melange of activities this site would be offering-- all about James!

Hi guys!

I just returned from a medical mission, so I was not able to give much update into the site. But anyways, thanks to the James supporters who visited the site. I'll be giving updates this September. I'm free this week so hopefully...


Hi guys! I'm going to put in a new page and I hope, inasmuch as possible, many James Purefoy fans would participate. That page is the Interactive Page! Every month (starting this September, as my August project didn't work quite well), I'd be giving scoops. Share your thoughts with other James Purefoy fans by just giving me an e-mail at seolgongchan@yahoo.com :-D



For me, that would be Yellow River by Christie! Well, I love the infectious guitar work, the same way we James Purefoy fans love his superb acting and infectious (in a good way!) charisma!

How about you, if James were a song, what song would he be? Send me your thoughts at seolgongchan@yahoo.com and I'll display your answers at the new section-- Interactive Page!



James has two new shows! Diamonds, formerly names Rough, is currently shooting. It would be available in television by April of next year. Another new show that he has is Frankenstein, currently in production, as I see from the photos Nada and the guys are sending.






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