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What is an Alaskan Klee Kai

The History- From Then Till Now


Alaskan Klee Kai are a fairly new breed of dogs having their beginnings in Alaska in the mid 70's. A woman by the name of Linda Spurlin created the breed from two undersized Alaskan Huskies and a dash of Schiperke and American Eskimo. Being a busy mom and living around dogs and mushers she knew the value of meticulous record keeping. Thanks to her efforts and the efforts of her friend's mother, Eileen Gregory,who took over management of the breed in the 80's The Alaskan Klee Kai were accepted into the United Kennel Club's Studbooks on their first attempt at registering this breed.

The Alaskan Klee Kai have the general appearance of the Alaskan Husky although most would agree they look more like the Siberian Husky. Their preferred face is one with a full mask. Half masks and widows peaks are accepted though these are less desirable traits.
Their ears are upright and prick and not overly large.The eyes come in a variety of color ranging from the standard brown to blue to green, amber, parti and bi-eyed. And almond is the preferred eye shape.
Their body is slightly longer than they are tall with a tail that is long enough to curl over and touch their back.The fur should be on the shorter side, well furred, but not so long as to obscure their bodies shape.
Any color fur is acceptable so long as there is a contrasting color on the legs, face and ears. So far the known colors are black and white, grey and white, and red and white. Black comes in a multitude of shades ranging from a dilute black to a stark black. Grey can have a white backround making it appear very light to a darker undercoat which gives it a wolflike appearance to a cream with a darker over coat. The last is often mistaken for a black dog.
AKK are thinkers and doers. If one learns something it will never forget it. And in fact can teach it to other dogs willing to learn.They plan and execute with the best of human thinkers so it is best to be on top of them from day one. Do not allow your puppy to do anything you would not allow your dog to do.
They are climbers, diggers, singers, and talkers.They do bark, but talking is their preferred method of communication.
Twice a year they blow their coat and you would swear the dog should be naked as there will be enough fur on the floor and furniture to fully cover another dog. And this is a daily thing until the whole coat is blown. Sometims a warm bath and good brushing can shorten this experience.
They are sparse eaters and can utilize the maximum energy with the minimum food sorce. They have been known to skip meals.This is another husky trait downsized with them. So a good quality food is best for this breed.