Fusion Bellydancer in North Phoenix, AZ


Jajira is a primarily self taught fusion belly dance artist. She began her journey when a friend performed during a youth event in Cincinnati in 2001. Jajira knew this was something she wanted to do. Jajira began collecting beginner DVD's and taught herself as much as she could at home when no one was around.
In 2003, Jajira went to her first hafla in Dayton Ohio. She was hooked. In September of 2004, Jajira stepped out onto the floor for the first time at Kira's Oasis for her first performance.
Over time, Jajira had lots of fun learning, growing and meeting so many wonderful dancers all over the midwest. This is an art form in which will never stop growing, evolving and will be something Jajira will never let go of. Her style is a mix of old Egyptian style and Tribal Fusion circa 2005. Jajira also pulls from dark and gothic fusion styles. Being a dancer who doesn't like choreography, her performances are from the heart. Jajira just likes to get up and dance. No 2 performances are exactly the same.

If enough interest is generated in the Phoenix area, Jajira hopes to begin teaching in the next year. :)


Yowza! I have been neglecting my website! Spring has sprung and I am officially back in Phoenix!! There are a lot of event's coming up this year! I am going to be redoing my calendar since I am back in the valley. 
More to come soon.  So check back often, and let me know you stopped by! Sign the Guestbook!



I, Jajira and my YouTube handle "BellyJae" have NO affiliation with Lady Kashmir and her YouTube handles "billbags1616" and/or "AmazonQueenkashmir". Lady Kashmir made a video slandering my "BellyJae" name under her YouTube handle "billbags1616". Her videos are an attempt to slander my and other dancer's names. I do not know why she has decided to attack me or other dancers. I do not remember having any affiliation with Lady Kashmir but from this point forward I am making it known that I DO NOT have any present or future affiliation with Lady Kashmir nor her YouTube handles.


You can email me BellyJae@yahoo.com


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