Jacob's Angel Haven

Where Jacob Brent's angels gather...

Current Update!

*7/20/09* --- Hello, various fans who have joined me over the years. We've have had lots of great times together and all, of which, were memorable.

I'm sorry to say, I will no longer do anything with this site. I'm gotten older and I have lots of other things in my life and I'm just not interested anymore.

I'm sorry for all the people I never added to the list. I'm truely sorry.

I will not delete the site for all the future Jacob Brent fans (which I see more every day). I WILL dedicate this site to all of the past, present and, future fans of his.

I strongly encourage the new fans (and future fans) to make your own sites, so you have a chance to watch them grow, like mine, and share in the fan-ness.

It hurts me so much to do this...I'm almost in tears. You can still contact me through the Guestbook, just in case something happens.

Thanks...and good night...


*Was opened July 2006*

Quaxolover (Jacob Brent's Crazed Fan) = Neon Green  

Jacob = Orange

You = Purple

*walks out into the light* Welcome to Jacob's Angel Haven. We're glad to see you! Aren't we...Jacob...? *looks around for Jake* Jacob...?

*jumps out of the darkness* BOO!

*is startled* *jumps back* *trips on something* *falls down* Don't do that! You almost gave me a heart attack!

*reaches out hand to Quaxolover* ...sorry...

*looks up at Jacob* ...it's ok...

*pulls Quaxolover up* *brushes off Quaxolover*

*looks into Jacob's dark brown eyes* ...Thanks... *turns attention back to you* Anyway...Welcome, hope you have a great time...

*you stop listening to Quaxolover* *you turn your attention to Jacob*

*goes behind Quaxolover* *starts practicing his dancing*

*you turn back to Quaxolover* *she does not realize Jacob dancing behind her*

...and there are a lot of pictures. I also just got a forum. Isn't that cool?! *realizes Jake is dancing* What are you doing?

*stops dancing* I thought I might as well practice while you gabbed.

*turns to Jacob* *puts hands on hips* Well, I was talking about MY website, like we are supposed to do.

*puts hands on hips, imitating Quaxolover* Well, you may own this website, BUT it's all about me. *acts all proud* *glances at Quaxolover* *flashes Quaxolover a smile*

 *giggles* Well, have a good time!

 *you wander off*

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