Teddy Roosevelt Terriers

Teddy Roosevelt Terriers, Type B rat terriers

Teddy achievements

I have made many achievements in this breed. I have the first Teddy to ever achieve a group 1 placing. I have the first female Teddy to win the top ten class at Premier, the biggest dog show for UKC. I have the first purple ribbon registered litter of Teddy Roosevelt Terriers and the first Teddy's to be PLL tested. I also have all my breeding sotck checked and cleared for heart and patellas. I can not have achieved this without other breeders having set the ground work before me not to mention a very supportive husband who is constantly cheering me on. There are very few breders of this delightful breed of dog nad even fewer 'ethical' breeders. We as breeders are the guardians of this breed and I take that responsibility seriously. If you are interested in a puppy of this breed make sure you are dealing with an ethical breeder that has the best interest of the breed at heart. Make sure they are health testing and ask for proof.

We would like to announce that CH Prestige Red Hot Tamale won Best of Breed at the supported Entry in Texas on August 4, 2012.  Congratulations Jan!!

There is some confusion about Teddy Roosevelt Terriers versus Type B rat terriers.  This is the same breed of dog just given different names in different registeries.  The UKC calls them Teddy Roosevelt Terriers.  The UKCI and the NRTA calls them Type B terriers.  These are the same dogs and indeed many dogs in UKC are dual registered with other registeries.  It is just a different name for the same dog.

About 4 years ago we decided to add Teddy's to our show line.  We brought dogs in from top kennels  We concentrated on starting our own unique line of Teddy Roosevelt Terriers.  In that short period of time we have succeeded in having the first group winning Teddy, the first female to win top ten at Premier and the first Purple Ribbon Registered litter.  Our dogs are consistently in the top ten every year. We also health test our dogs.  Getting them passed for Hearts and Patellas that qualifies them for registration with OFA and also getting them CERF tested for their eyes.  We also test for PLL and will never produce a puppy affected with PLL.   It is not enough for a breeder to say 'we don't have those problems'  Ask for proof of health testing, many inherited issues do not show up for years.  We stand behind our dogs and offer continued support.  We also guarantee their health from any inherited defect for 2 years.

We not only show in conformation classes we also train for Obedience and Rally and we dabble in Agility.  Puppies are raised in our home. This is not simply a hobby for us this is our dedication.  It is our goal to have healthy, happy and gorgeous Teddy Roosevelts that are well rounded dogs.  Easily trained and easy to live with.  This breed is known for being a smart family oriented dog.  We are striving to make the Teddy better known and appreciated.  Indeed at this time it is considered a rare breed. We have to agree this breed is truly a rare gem to own.  At home on the farm or in an apartment in the city, the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier wants nothing more then to be your companion in all you do.  Could any of us ask for anything more?

A little bit about Teddy's

Copied from the UKC standard


    The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is an American breed descended from the terriers brought over by English miners and other working class immigrants. These versatile terriers probably included crosses between the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Manchester Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the Beagle, the Whippet, the Italian Greyhound, and the now extinct white English Terrier. These dogs were used as ratters, and soon became known as ďRat Terriers.Ē Two types of Rat Terriers evolved, distinguished primarily by leg length. The short-legged Rat Terriers developed a devoted following and were named in honor of President Teddy Roosevelt, who was once thought to have owned these ratters.

    The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier was recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 1999.

General Appearance
    The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is a low-set, muscular, active, small-to-medium size hunting terrier. The preferred ratio of length of body (prosternum to point of buttocks) to height (withers to ground) is between 10:7 and 10:8. The head is broad, slightly domed, wedge-shaped, and proportionate to the size of the body. Ears are V-shaped, set at the outside edges of the skull, and may be erect or button. A docked tail is preferred, but a natural bob tail or a natural tail carried in an upward curve are also acceptable. The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier comes in solid white, other solid colors with markings, and white with a variety of colored patches. The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier should be evaluated as a working terrier, and exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dogís ability to work. Honorable scars resulting from field work are not to be penalized.

    Disqualification: A longer-legged, square-bodied dog whose proportions vary significantly from the desired ratio lacks breed type and must be disqualified.

    The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is an energetic, alert dog whose curiosity and intelligence make him very easy to train. He thrives on human companionship and will enthusiastically share any activity with his owner. The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is a lively, friendly, affectionate dog with his family but can be somewhat of a one-person dog. With his strong protective nature and well-developed pack instincts, the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier gets along well with children (when raised with them), cats, and other dogs. He is a bold, tenacious hunter with seemingly unlimited energy whose size and endurance makes him an excellent hunter of squirrels and vermin. Teddy Roosevelt Terriers should not be sparred during conformation judging. This is a long-lived breed and it is not uncommon for one to live to 15 or 16 years of age. 

    Meet our Boys


    This is Ryder.  One of our Teddy's.   He is a beautiful Tri Color.  Watch for him in the shows this spring.  Ryder has matured out at 9.5" tall and 12.5 " long. He weighs approximately 11 pounds.We like our Teddy's small but well boned, still able to do what they were bred for.  As you can see from his picture Ryder is all that and more.

    Announcement!! Ryder just finished his championship from the puppy class!!

    Watch for the Prestige Teddy's  they are making their mark in the show ring !!

    OFA heart and Patella cleared

    Ryder passed his Cerf Testing

    Ryder is DNA clear of PLL


    This is Atlas one of our home bred champions.  He is also out of the first purple ribbon registered litter of Teddy Roosevelts. He has been checked for heart and patella clearance.  When he is old enough we will get his paperwork for OFA certification.

    Atlas has passed his Cerf exam and is now a proven stud.   Atlas is PLL clear through parentage ( what does this mean? It means both his parents have been DNA tested and found clear of PLL)

    Pedigree for PR Champion Prestige Atlas

    Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

    Atlas has passed  heart and Patellas ceritifcation for OFA and is PLL clear by parentage


    This is TTB's Stars and Stripes Fur Ever AKA 'Tully' our new Champion. He is a brindle Teddy and just a gorgeous boy.

    PLL Testing

    More results are showing up on OFA for Teddyís for PLL testing.  I want to commend these breeders,  not only for testing but for making the results public.   Letís all remember this test was not available until a couple of years ago and even more recently specifically for the Teddyís.  But now that it IS available I think everyone that is breeding should be testing before breeding.  It is in my opinion our responsibility to the breed, to our beloved puppies and to our puppy buyers. 

    It was also pointed out to me yesterday, that if someone claims their dogs are clear or clear by parentage you can find that on the OFA site.  ALL normals are published.   SO if someone says there dogs are clear you can find that on the site.  IF the dogs are not there they have not been tested.  Again, all clears are published no matter what. 

    I know this test is not cheap, but if you are selling puppies you should put that money into testing your stock.

    John Q Public is becoming more knowledgeable about testing and health.  And the public is looking for dogs that will be has healthy as possible. Speaking for myself I will not bring any dogs into my program that have not been tested.   Iím doing all I can to make sure I have healthy happy puppies.  I know not everyone shares my views but this is what allows me to sleep at night with a clear conscience.   And if you donít test you donít know.   I donít care if you have 2 or 3 generations of dogs with no obvious problems.  If you donít test you donít know.  Not all PLL affected dogs will luxate.  And you will continue to breed affected dogs.  In my mind there is no excuse for this now that this test is available.  And I want to emphasize, this is not a witch hunt where we point fingers and accuse.  This is a fact finding mission so we can breed more responsibly.


    Proud to be charter members of the United Teddy Roosevelt Club of America

    Sheila & Marty Mesick