2d Animation

Animation is an illusion that is created by quickly cycling through a series of images, each slightly different from the last. The brain perceives the group of images as a single changing scene. In film, this illusion is created by using cameras that record many photographs, or frames, each second. When the frames are played back by a projector, the audience sees a moving picture.

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Bringing life to your thoughts, illustrations can express your ideas in a simple yet creative way. Whether you are looking for Line Art (Drawings), portraits, mascots, cartoons, motion graphics, character creation for books, textbooks, e-Learning tutorials, advertising, magazines, corporate communication, websites, games, mailers, greeting cards etc, I have the talent to create unique illustrations in the desired style that will achieve your communication objective.

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I as a storyboard artist have extensive experience creating storyboards for short films and T.V. Commercials (TVC.), using quick sketches on paper or using softwares. I have a specialization in creating storyboards for advertising agencies and film productions both national and international.

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T.V. Commercials

I offer every animated TV Commercial Production Service you need to turn YOUR MARKETING GOALS into ANIMATED TV COMMERCIALS ...on budget ...on time ...on target!

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Flash Games

Remember those good old days, when you would do anything to bump out of the house to play the games. These days people look for games over the internet. According to a survey conducted by Google, more than 25% of people using Internet like to play online. For some they are great stress busters…

In addition to being entertaining, the addictive nature of games and its potential to attract and retain the attention of players make gaming an ideal tool for brand promotion and imparting information. I use gaming as an ideal tool for brand promotion and imparting information about the products and services.

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Interactive Media

Educational institutes and organizations are realizing the potential of e-learning as an effective means to instruct and inform employees and students about new concepts and ideas. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of e-learning solutions is the opportunity of self-paced learning that it provides to the learners.

I have best ideas for CBTs (Computer Based Tutorials) and WBTs (Web Based Tutorials). I understand the fact that e-learning is not just about imparting course content online, it is about presenting the content in a creative manner thus enriching the whole learning experience.

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Website Designing

The websites these days are considered a mirror to the organization. With the number of people browsing the Internet in search for information, increasing exponentially with each passing day, it is becoming imperative for companies to have an online presence. I offer custom designed websites that go a long way in building and establishing your online identity. My solutions will provide you with the perfect platform to communicate your message and business objectives resulting in an increased customer base and revenues.

Working in close collaboration with you, I will come up with visually appealing websites that best reflect and represent your business and ideas. In conceptualizing a design I keep in mind the latest trends in design and technology to come up with a design that is a perfect fit for your unique needs.

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Logo Designing

Your logo design is your representative, your ambassador... your official spokesperson. Make sure that it says the right things and creates the right impression on your customers. Effective logo designs create an aura of trust, credibility and professionalism for their owners. On the other hand, a poorly developed logo design can single-handedly ruin a company's sales and marketing efforts. Often business logos are the deciding factor in making or breaking business deals.

I always, while designing logo, make sure that you get a logotype which properly conveys your vision to your customers.

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Video Editing & Composting

Video compositing is the final stage of visual effects, after all the individual elements have been created. It may involve overlaying text, titles, or video over video — it’s the process of bringing everything together. The final edit of a piece can be the difference between good or bad — or between good or great.

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