Quotes Izhar is a very talented animator. He is very promising on delivering quality work on demand on time. Best of luck Izhar. May 28, 2014 Quotes
Faizan Saleem
Chief Technology Officer, New Web Technologies

Quotes Izhar is a quiet, matter of fact animator who works extremely hard at each given project. I have felt very comfortable working with him on every project we have worked together and he has completed each given task within the short time we have had in every deadline. Izhar takes direction very well, understanding what is to be done and uses his diverse knowledge of animation methods to solve any problems on the way. I would highly recommend Izhar to work on any project for animation, in particular character and 2-D animation in Pakistan. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity. November 26, 2012 Quotes
Numair Abbas
CEO & Film Director, Numairical Studios

Quotes Izhar is a brilliant and fast animator. He has a great eye for human motions and emotions, able to animate realistic as well as cartoony. He is a reliable and professional artist and enrichment for every team. Always it is a pleasure to work with Izhar and I am looking forward to see future works of him. I know that he is bound for great and unique work. Good luck and all the best to you! July 6, 2012 Quotes

Quotes Izhar is the backbone of all the work of Dynapix's 2d animations. Either its character animation or any conceptual animation. Wow the guy amazed me in every aspect of 2d animation. The guy is master of all the technicalities. It was always fun to work with Izhar. The late nights or bottle neck situations Izhar was always there to show his miraculous presence. Must say a hard working guy. May 31, 2012 Quotes
Mudasser Farooq
Creative Manager, Dynapix Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd.

Quotes Izhar is a very enthusiastic, Creative and Motivated professional with a deep interest to excel on the basis of his skills and research to innovate his work. Coordination with management and staff, supporting colleagues and enjoying work place are some of the most commendable things that Izhar possess. May 8, 2012 Quotes
Hamid Rasheed
3D Modeler & Animator, Dynapix Animation Studio

Quotes Izhar was a great colleague of mine when i was working with Dynapix. He has a great personality and he really is a team player. We sorted out many concepts of animation together and it was quite fun while working on it. Apart from that, he is a great friend. April 3, 2012 Quotes
Ahmed Kamal
3D Animator, Dynapix Animation Studio

Quotes Izhar is a very humble person with tremendous animation skills. We always referred to him if he had any tough animations or needed smoother results. His speed as well as his proficiency made him an all round great asset to have. December 14, 2011 Quotes
Ahmed Ali
Project Manager, Numairical Studios

Quotes Animation is fun and fun in animation makes it more fun. That's what you can see in Izhar's work. He understands what can make a character more lively. Body language in his work is excellent and he seems to be having his own taste in his psychology of animation. December 02, 2011 Quotes
Saad Ali
Art Director, NthRay Studio

Quotes Izhar is not only a technically strong person but also he has the aesthetic sense and the best of him that he adds it to every second of his work. December 02, 2011 Quotes
Waqas Ahmed
HR Admin, NthRay Academy

Quotes Izhar is a very talented professional having understanding of the disciplinary codes. His creative skills are asset for his employer. He knows his work and like to carry challenging tasks. I wish him batter prosperous future. September 15, 2011 Quotes
Muhamamd Ayaz Mahmood
Creative Head, Dynapix Animation Studio