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I am a self taught 2d character and FX animator. What brought me to animation industry was the inspiration by the cartoon movies those I used to watch in my childhood. I used to draw cartoon characters either by tracing the famous cartoon characters or sometimes just by copying them.

As I grew up, I jump into the animation industry, as I mentioned earlier that I was inspired by the cartoon movies so I felt no hesitation to get into the animation industry.

E-books helped me a lot and I kept going through them. Afterward I started realizing the movements of the objects around me, this generated an actor inside me and I started to act different things whenever I got a chance to be alone.

It increased the craze of animation inside me and I started learning to draw properly. Now I am at the stage to draw necessary poses myself for my animation. But still I need a lot to go on, that?s why, I want to spend most of my time in learning drawing to improve my animation skills.

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