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Authorized Abuse

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Perhaps, the abuse that takes place in some institutions, foster homes, etc. isn't out-and-out "authorized" -- however, it might as well be when the powers-that-be continue to turn a blind eye to it!  We're out to make this kind of happening in-your-face visible so that one would have to be wearing blinders not to see it!  Please direct as many people to this page as you can!


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Juvenile Boot-Camps & Other So-Called Treatment Centers Exposed!!!

We've Got Their Number!
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Petition To End The Abuse Such as Is Referred To Above      

Suzanne P. has started a petition to put a stop to abuse such as referred to above. 
Thanks, in advance for signing it.

Hurrikayne Urges Mailing Campaign For 2008        

Hurrikayne is strongly urging concerned people to take part in a very emotional protest that will, hopefully, grab the attention of the powers that be when it comes to abuse of our young people, institutional and otherwise.  It consists of mailing certain objects at different times of this year.  This is what she wrote:

April is child abuse awareness month. Let's all get our crosses made in the next couple of weeks and send them out to Mr. Gregory Kutz of the GAO to arrive in the month of April. (This gives us a total of up to six weeks to gather our resources, make the crosses and get them mailed, all it takes is setting aside a couple of dollars a week.)


Gregory D. Kutz
Managing Director Forensic Audits and Special Investigations
U.S. Government Accountability Office
441 G Street NW, Room LM
Washington, D.C. 20548

I will post pics of my crosses (Specific to known Roloff Enterprises deaths) over the weekend. Don't know of any kids who died in the program/facility you or your child were in?

Check... for the names of many of the deceased. (Sadly, it is not a full listing.)

Paddles: Mail your paddle (or other object of abuse) to arrive by Monday, September 1st. This is a time when most summer vacations are finished and kids & adults alike are getting back to work.

Bottles/pacifiers: Mail to arrive by Monday September 15th. Let's keep their attention once we've gotten it.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION, without your voice these children will have died and/or suffered in vain.

We are asking you to come together and make a statement against any physical abuse you or a loved one received in any of these types of facilities. This plan is an every man, woman & child protest. It is important that everyone join for this to work, and it can with everyone's voice.

There is a guy making free paddles for kids .

He is making them for free all you pay is shipping & handling!! All you have to do is order one. When you receive it, write the name of the facility that you/your loved one were in on the paddle & the dates of attendance/incarceration. You can give additional information, like how many licks you got or any other information about the punishments you were given. Your name if you wish to include it, in protest of corporal punishment & abusing children.

If you do not like school paddlings send one for your child in protest of his or her school. Writing with a crayola would work on this project. Punishments vary as much as the facilities you can pick your own form of protest. Example: A belt, a shoe, a ruler, restraints, a blindfold, an electric cord, whatever they used on you or your loved one.

If you know someone or have had a loved one that passed away in one of these places you can glue popsicle type sticks or buy a cross & write their name in memory of them. You can be their voice! If there is no room to write on what you have picked then you can buy one of those small American flags to write it on.

The paddle guy has free appointment slips to print out. Make an appointment slip out stating you want an appointment with congress to stop abuse, to request these places be shut down. It is our goal to let Congress know that we are not going to go away quietly and tolerate the further abuse of Americans, be they teens or adults.

Crosses: Make crosses from anything from craft sticks, paint stirrers, whatever you like, include the name of a child who has died as a result of abuse or negligence.

Bottles: Mothers & babies should never be separated by force or coercion, protest these daily occurrences of mistreatment by sending bottles and or pacifiers in protest of this destructive practice.

Meet Lifewriter                                      

There is an excellent writer at who goes by the handle of Lifewriter.

If there were a series of courses offered at even an Ivy League university on going through, coping with, and living with the haunting memories of severe child-abuse (physical, sexual, and emotional), Lifewriter would be the department head and would have received her doctorate with high honors--this in spite of the fact that school had actually been difficult for her.

Her learning difficulties in school were definitely not the worst of her problems--the worst of her problems were more like what she has written about here.

The aforementioned article is part of a large folder created for the purpose of both bringing comfort to those who have been abused and educating others on the reality of this subject.

Much of what is posted is available for anyone to view.  However, if you want to participate in forums, etc., you will need to become a member of, while there are several levels of membership, a free level is offered for those who wish to participate in interactive activities there and/or want to post a limited number of creative items.  In other words, you don't have to pay even a penny in order to participate in forums and the like, so we hope that you will.

Survivors Guide to Troubled Teens                      

An amazing woman who goes by the handle of Hurrikayne has--along with other survivors of abuse by authority figures--put together a website called Survivors Guide to Troubled Teens.  You will be amazed, horrified, and outraged at what kinds of abuse is inflicted upon a number of our young people in the name of religion, discipline, and other words that attract desperate parents and make them believe that the places where they're about to place their children are a Godsend instead of the hellholes that they truly are.

The following is an excerpt from this site that I hope will be an irresistible invitation to visit the rest of it...

We Object & Protest!

  • We object to the violation of the civil liberties of children. 

  • We object to physical abuse of children.

  • We object to the emotional abuse of children.

  • We object to abuse of children in any form in the name of religion or therapy.

  • We object to the profiteering of abusers in the name of religion or therapy. 

  • We object to the lack of accountability of known abusers of children.

  • We vehemently protest.

  • We will stand in the cold, the rain, the heat...whatever it takes to peacefully and legally protest against those who would harm children in the name of religion or therapy.

  • We are survivors and we have found our voices, we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Contact Us Today

Our experiences make us amply qualified to tell you what NOT to do.  For example, if you take up a hammer & nail and make an effort to build something, anything, and promptly hit your thumb with a hammer; you are then qualified to tell others how NOT to hit your hand with a hammer.  You are not an architect.

We are not therapists, we are not psychologists, we can only suggest that you seek help from a professional for your child, we cannot offer you professional advice about what to do with a troubled teen, nor will we make that attempt.



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