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Christopher Worth Martin was born on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10, 1987. We were so thrilled to have a son. We already had a 3 1/2 year old daughter named Tamara. She was born on September 25, 1983. And she was so happy to have a little brother! She was never jealous of Chris. She loved him from the beginning. And that lasted through out their lives.

Chris was a very happy baby. He loved to snuggle and hug and kiss. That carried on throughout his life. Chris never tired of crawling up in your lap for a hug or wanting you to lay with him in his bed and talk. As a toddler, he was a VERY busy child! I always said if he were born first, he would have been an only child. From the time he could talk, his favorite word was "BALL"! He loved them!!! Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis ball. It didn't matter, as long as it was round!

Chris loved all sports. He tried playing baseball, but it was entirely too slow. He would end up in the outfield throwing rocks at the other players. And he gave basketball a shot, but it wasnt to his liking.

Back then, soccer wasn't too big (not nearly as popular as it is today)  but he tried it. And his love for soccer was born! From age six until he died, he loved soccer. He played recreation league for several years at the FVAA. His dad, Jay, always was the team's coach.

Then Classic Soccer came along. It is a step up from Recreational and the players are required to try out for it. Chris enjoyed the competative league so much. He made lasting friends playing Classic soccer. He also played at FVMS and then FVHS.

Chris also enjoyed tennis. He and several of his friends played every summer on the courts at Bent Winds. While in high school, he discovered wrestling. Chris had always been small and fast. His Sophmore year in high school, he started weight lifting and working to have a "buff bod". In his Junior year, he started practicing with the Wrestling team. His body had really filled out and he was becoming a handsome man.

Since Chris had planned to play for the FVHS Tennis team, he decided to give up wrestling since it (in combination with tennis) would interfere too much with his new soccer team, the Triangle Futbol Club. In fact, the morning he was killed he was on his way to a soccer tournament to play with TFC.

Chris wasn't just talented athletically though. He was also a thoughtful and caring friend, brother, son, grandson, nephew and cousin. So many of his high school friends have told stories of how loving Chris was. Likewise with family and other friends. He always looked out for the underdog. He always stood up for his friends. He would give someone the shirt off his back, but he would be just as likely to take theirs, too!

Anytime Chris saw an older person, he would hold open the door for them, or help them put groceries in their car, or just give someone a hug. One of my favorite memories of Chris is him coming up to me to give me a B-I-G kiss and instead of kissing me, he'd lick my face. That was Chris, too. He was a practical joker, a kidder, and a teaser. He wasn't beneath putting itching powder in someone's pants or making prank phone calls to someone's house. But he was just as likely to buy you a hamburger or give you money for gas. That was Chris!

On November 15, 2003, Chris left my house in his new (new to him anyway) red Nissan SX about 7:00 AM. He was on his way to a Classic Soccer Tournament in Raleigh. His team has just been accepted into the tournament that week. He was going by his Dad's to pick up some soccer stuff and then to his friend Aaron's house to eat breakfast with them before they left. He never did get to eat breakfast. After he left his Dad's, he went by Aaron's house. Aaron's mom Deb saw his car in the driveway with the trunk up. Next time she looked he was gone. He left there to go to Lowe's Foods right down the road. It was less than a mile from their house. He evidently wanted to get some of those energy drinks. On his way back he ran off the road to the right and then must have swerved back to the left and ran off the road and hit some trees and a big rock. His time of death on the death certificate said 7:50 AM. The thing that just killed me when I saw it was, Place of Death: roadside. Oh my gosh! Just that quick his life was snuffed out. Just that quick I lost my son. My heart is breaking.

He was greatly loved by everyone who knew him and will be sorely missed.



I love you Chris!


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