Chilliwack, BC, Canada

The Island 22 Equestrian Society has been around for as long as the park has been. The people in the society are committed to the maintenance and use of the park. They work hard year round to take care of the park and put on events and shows for the equestrian community.


Show Committee


Park Society



We consist of young and old, riders and non-riders. Some of us have children who are very active in Eventing and Pony Club, and we are active members of the equestrian community as well.


We are retired, semi-retired, mothers, fathers, accountants, politicians, electricians, veterinarians, secretaries, and bankers but the one thing that brings us together is the pure joy that the park gives us, and the adrenaline rush we feel when seeing this park being used.


The Island 22 Equestrian Park Society must deal with much more than horses and jumps. We are responsible for finding and raising the money that is used for the day-to-day upkeep - trail, grass, paddock, fence line and jump maintenance. We raise this money by sponsoring clinics, our Annual Events and support from FVRD.


We must attend all Horse Council, BC Eventing, local rider groups meetings to keep on top of all user changes, insurance, Eventing rules and regulation changes, as well as city and provincial bylaw changes. We also work closely with FVRD throughout the year.

Don’t forget, Island 22 is public land and is therefore subject to government park rules, regulations and politics.


Our main goal has been trying to educate the public, the local governments and the multiple park users about horses, equestrian sports, the parks importance in the BC Equestrian Community and our overall love of this park.

Most of the work to keep Island 22 as is, happens in the off-season when many of our Eventers are closing up for the winter months.


Island 22 Horse Park is much more than a park: it is the only open safe, publicly owned training facility in BC and requires lots of work, love and support.


So come on down and show your support! Check out our Facebook page for updates, come out and ride, or enjoy being a spectator at one of our shows, the more the merrier! 



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