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Total Categories: 20
Total Websites: 95
Total Groups: 12

- Ayatullah Websites
    www.sistani.org Official site of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani
    www.leader.ir Institute for preserving & publishing works by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei
    www.khamenei.ir Office of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei
    www.wilayat.com First site in urdu about Rehber-e-Muazzam

- Bad websites which contains wrong informations
    Read some informations of sites Which contains wrong materials Reported by People Updated (25th April 13)

- Cassettes & CD's of Islamic films, Documentaries, Audio & Video, etc

    www.najafi.org Najafi Cassette Library - Karachi, Pakistan
    www.payam.com.pk Payam Islamic Cultural Center - Karachi
    www.babulilmlibrary.com Babulilm Library - Karachi

- Communities, Directories, Foundations, Masajid, & Imam Bargah, etc

    www.2muslims.com Web Directory of Sunni & Shia
    www.lajamaat.org Shia Community - California, USA
    www.shia.org Organizations, Textual Resources, etc
    www.alislam.org Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
    www.islaam.com Sunni & Shia
    www.jammat.org Shia Ithna Asheri Association - Edmonton, Canada
    www.geocities.com/rohullah_najafi Women Organization Advised by Fatima Zaidi - ir
    www.al-murtaza.org Imam Bargah - Houston, USA
    www.shaheedfoundation.org Shaheed Foundation - Karachi, Pakistan
    www.babulilm.com Babulilm Masjid & Imam Bargah - Karachi Advised by Ali - pk

- Country Tours, Societies, Histories, Broadcastings, Embassies, etc

    www.iranchamber.com Iranian History, Culture, etc Advised by Mohsin Ali - ir
    www.irantrip.com Tourism Guide - Iran
    www.salamiran.org Iranian Embassy - Ottawa, Canada
    www.irib.ir Iran Broadcastings Advised by Reza - ir

- Groups (Yahoo & MSN)

    groups.yahoo.com/group/shiaonline Islamic events details and broadcast Majalis
    groups.msn.com/14masumeen Islamic Materials, Imam's, Hadith, Articles, Scholars, etc
    groups.msn.com/shiaofahlulbayt Miracles, Islamic Fiqh, Science & Faith, Woman World, etc
    groups.msn.com/imamia ISO - Pakistan Advised by Adeel Abbas - pk
    groups.yahoo.com/group/shiasunnidialogue Shia & Sunni Dialogues
    groups.msn.com/MuslimTodayHomeSchool Teachings of Islam, Home School for Kids
    groups.yahoo.com/group/alquranic Quran & Sahih's Advised by Sohail Mufti - pk
    groups.msn.com/shahbazqalander Lovers of Hazrat Syed Shah Shahbaz Qalander Advised by Abbas Hasani - uk
    groups.msn.com/AZADAReHUSSAIN Shairi, Ariza, Imams, Sayings, etc Advised by Abbas Hasani

- Graveyard Sites

    www.wadi-a-hussain.com Pakistan's first only online graveyard

- Islamic Encyclopedia, Books, Libraries, Hadith, Miracles, Holy Places, etc

    www.al-islam.org Explore Islam, Search Books Library, Hadiths, Scholars Articles, etc
    www.islamicresearch.org Research, Islam & Science, Quran & Bible, Miracle, etc
    www.islamicoccasions.com 14 Infallibles, Holy Wars, etc
    www.al-shia.com Philosophy, Social Matters, Hadith, etc
    www.rafed.net Encyclopedia, Historical Events, Q&A, etc
    www.islamonline.net Doha, Qatar
    www.shia.com Discover Shia Islam Advised by Waqas Naqvi - us
    www.geocities.com/ahlulbayt14 Islamic Books Library Advised by Zehra
    www.ziaraat.com Information of Holy Places
    www.karbala-najaf.org Pictures, Stories, 14 Infallibles, Holy Wars, etc
    www.al-islam.org/encyclopedia Shia Encyclopedia
    www.ezsoftech.com/akram Explore Islam, Features, etc - Sunni & Shia
    www.al-khoei.org Islamic Center - Jamaica, USA
    www.islamweb.net Misconceptions, Islamic History, Counseling, etc Advised by Umair - pk
    www.freewebs.com/ilm4all Donate or Request Books Advised by Muhammad Ali - pk
    www.ahadith.co.uk Sahih's books of Hadees of Imam's Advised by Abu Shahin - uk
    www.playandlearn.org Play & learn islam by easy way for kids Advised by Mostapha - ir

- Islamic Congregation(Anjumans & Noha Khuan)

    www.rizwanzaidi.com Rizwan Zaidi Party
    www.mkonain.com Musafir-e-Shaam

- Islamic Laws & Raw Materials(Lawful/Unlawful)

    www.al-islam.org/laws Tozehul Masaail in English - Ayatollah Seestani
    www.al-islam.org/urdu/risalah_sistani In Urdu - Ayatollah Seestani
    www.al-islam.org/urdu/risalah_khamenei_vol1 Ayatollah Khamenei
    www.muslimconsumergroup.com Halal-Haram Status, Ingredients, E-Numbers, etc

- Jobs and Business Platforms

    www.shiaworldwide.com Jobs, News, etc - Mumbai, India
    groups.yahoo.com/group/shiajobs All kind of jobs, Yahoo group - Pakistan
    groups.yahoo.com/group/pak-jobs-IT All kind of jobs, Yahoo group - Pakistan
    groups.yahoo.com/group/US-Tech-Jobs-4-Pak All kind of jobs, Yahoo group - Pakistan
    www.goldmineint.com For details contact +923323663705 or +963935230118 - Norway, Karachi, Damascus.

- Miscellaneous

    www.punjatan.org Alam, Zarieh, Panja, Taboot, etc, manufacturer Advised by Punjatan Tabarrukat Center - pk
    www.shiamate.com A free Matrimonial site for Shia Muslims (under construction) Advised by Hyder - wa, usa

- News (Including Religions)

    www.shianews.com News & Stories from around the World
    www.victorynews.net News around the World
    www.nawa-e-islam.com Urdu News Paper - Karachi, Pakistan
    www.jafariyanews.com News, Articles, Women, etc Advised by Ejaz Wasti
    www.interface.edu.pk Education News, Jobs, etc - Pakistan Advised by Abdullah Baig - pk
    www.middle-east-online.com Arab & International News

- Nohay, Majalis, Duaa, Marsiyeh, Pictures, Juloos, etc

    www.shia-online.com Nohay, Majalis, Schedules, etc
    www.azadari.com Listen or Download Nohay, Majalis, etc
    www.14masumeen.com Shab-e-dari, Pictures, Juloos, etc
    www.mushkilkosha.net Qasidey, Marsiyeh, Hadith, Aqwaal, Pictures, etc
    www.hussainiat.com Quran, Nohay, Humd & Naat, Munqabat, Legends, etc
    www.qalandershahbaz.tk Majalis, Nohay, etc - Pakistan Advised by Alamdar - pk
    www.hummomin.com Quran, Majalis, Duaa, Islamic Films, etc - Hyderabad, India
    www.duas.org Duaa, Supplications, etc Advised by Anil Hassan - pk
    www.yahusain.com Live Majalis from Shia Centers in North America Advised by Hyder - wa, usa

- Questions & Answers Websites

    www.islam-qa.com Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al Munajjid
    www.al-khoei.org/kb Sheikh Fadhel Al Sahlani, Representative of Ayatullah Sistani - US
    www.shiaalims.com Sheikh Mohamed Rashid, Birmingham Jamaat - UK

- Quranic Encyclopedia, Hadees, Imams, Companions, Scholars, Lectures, Learnings, etc

    www.alrehman-alrahim.com Quran & Hadith(Sahih Satta)
    www.allah.com Koran, Biography, Dialogs, etc
    www.darsequran.com Quran, Hamd & Naat, Articles, etc Advised by Kamran Siddique - pk
    www.geocities.com/ahlulbayt14/tijani.html Sunni Scholar Books - Tijani Samawi
    www.karbala.com Karbala, Iraq
    www.molaali.com Aamaal, Other Networks, etc
    www.qurannetwork.com Holy Quran Network Advised by Adnan Jaffery - ir
    www.islam-usa.com Shahid Athar, MD Clinical Professor, Indiana University - USA
    www.sahaba.net Companions(Sahaba) Information Advised by Samina Ahmad - in
    www.quranflash.com Koran in multimedia flash - Arabic & English Advised by Mustafa - sy
    www.learningquranonline.com Koran online learning in English, Urdu & Arabic Advised by Faheem Kamran - nj, us
    www.read-quranonline.com Koran online learning in English, Urdu & Arabic Advised by Faheem Kamran - nj, us

- Sermon(Khutbaas and letters) of Imam Ali(a.s)

    nahjulbalagha.shiamate.com Nahjul Balagha for Android sets Advised by Hyder - wa, usa

- Universities, Madaris, Scholarships, Trusts, Organizations, Schools, etc

    www.rahber.org Scholarships
    www.cws.ut.ac.ir Center for Women Study - Iran Advised by Zainab Najafi - ir
    www.madaris-e-imamia.org Madaris, Seminars, Publications, etc - Welfare Trust
    www.alkauthar.edu.pk Al Kauthar Islamic University - Islamabad, Pakistan Advised by Shabi - pk
    www.isischool.org Imam Sadiq(as) International(for foreigners) School - Qom, Iran
    www.imamiamission.com Madressa Jafferia - Bury, UK Advised by Kazmi - uk

- Websites Developers & Designers

    www.freewebs.com/rizwanrizvi Hypnosis, Urdu Converter, etc Developed by Rizwan Rizvi - pk, aus
    www.informatix.co.nr Web and Flash Designer Developed by Ovais Ahson - pk
    www.4ava.net Mohammad Ali Ansari's Tafseer of Quran & Nahajul Balagha (Farsi) Developed by Ramin - Moorestown, usa
    www.studenthelponline.com Students help regarding studies Developed by Younis

- World Encyclopedia, Translators, Dictionaries, Libraries, etc

    www.wikipedia.org Encyclopedia of World, Religious, History, etc
    www.iqbalcyberlibrary.net Urdu Books Library Advised by Rafaqat - pk
    www.urduword.com Dictionary of Urdu & English Advised by Umair - pk

NOTE: If you want to add or suggest a website/group then submit or email me the URL with website/group title, name and location, after validating the site, I will upload the link on this website. Please note that the site must not contain any type of violence or vulgarity otherwise it will be rejected.

The links to other websites are increasing weekly or monthly on this page and all other websites are updated daily or weekly, if you see any type of violence or vulgarity in the above websites then please let me know. I am not responsible for the advertisements(adds) which are displayed on other websites.

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