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Muslims (Of All Groups) View's Of Ahlul-Bait & Shia
In Islam there are five schools of Divine laws: Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, Hambali and Jafari (Shia), and there are other fiqh's too which they were separated or created like Ahle Hadees, Deobandi, Jamat-i-Islami, Tableegi-Jamaat, etc. In this section there are several articles related to the Family of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and to Shia religion. These articles or speech are from renowned Islamic scholars (of all Islamic religions) around the world.

Muhammad Tijani Samawi
(Sunni scholar - Tunisia)
Tijani belongs to a Sunni Muslims following to the teachings of Imam Malik ibn Anas. He has written 5 books on Ahlay-Bait and on Shia, taking all the references from Quran, Sahih's(Bukha ri, Muslim, Tirmidhi, etc.) and from other Sunni books (Muwatta' Imam Malik, Tahdhib, Mustadrak al Hakim, Musnad Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal, Tafsir al Qurtubi, etc.). Below are the names of books that he wrote:
Then I was guided (Phir main hidayat pa gaya), Ask those who knows (Ahley Zikar), Be with the truthfull (Hojao sacho kay sath), Shia are the Sunnah (Shia hee ahle Sunnat hai), etc.
These books are banned in some countries like Saudi Arabia and it is also difficult to find his books in other countries too but now these books are publishing by Ansariyan, Qum, Iran in several languages, in English, Farsi, Arabic, French, etc. So you can buy these books easily from there or you can also buy his books from shops which are located near Masjid (Imam Bargah) in Pakistan.

Read the life history of Tijani Samawi
Read article on "Tijani Samawi" from wikipedia.org
Download his 1st Book "Then I was guided" (In English)
Read his book "Real Al-Sunnah" online (In English)
Read his book "Striving for Right" online (In English)
Read his book "Ask Those Whose Know" online (In English)
Read his book "To Be With The Truthful" online (In English)

Moulana Muhammad Ishaq
(Ahle Hadees / Ahl-e-Hadith - Pakistan)
Moulana Ishaq has discussed about Shia and their faith. Why it is wrong to associate kufr to them and the need for Muslims to unite under the banner of the Prophet (s.a.w)'s love. He also addressed many issues like their Namaz (Prayers), Kalma (Faith), Companions (Sahaba), Caliphs (Khalifat), Martyred of Imam Hussain (r.a.), etc. He always addresses Muslims to unite and not to fight with each others. You can buy his video lecture CD's from shops located near Masjid (Imam Bargah). To view his video lecture "Muslim Unity" online refer to the topic "Rendering A Person As Disbeliever, Beating, & Killing".
Download his lecture from here (In Urdu, AVI format, size: 66 MB approx)

Shaykh Ahmad Deedat
(Sunni scholar - South Africa)
His speech "Sunni-Shia Unity and my trip to Iran", who is a world renowned Sunni scholar from South Africa was made his following trip to Iran on 3rd March, 1982, which he delivered speech about Ahlul-Bait(a.s.), Ayatollah and Shia. In his speech (or article), he criticizes mostly Arab nations.
Read his article "Sunni-Shia unity & my visit to Iran"

Dr. Shahid Athar
(Professor & writer - America)
"Misconceptions of Shia and Sunni-Shia Unity" which was written by Shahid Athar. He is a Sunni writer on Islam and a M.D. of Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine & Endocrinology, Indiana University, USA. This article is for those people which they have wrong knowledge in their minds about Shia religion.
Read his article "Misconceptions & Shia-Sunni Unity"
Read his book online at "www.islam-usa.com"

Sunni Fatwas On Shia & Sheikh Mahmood Fatwa
(Sunni scholars of early Islam & Al-Azhar University)
I have listed some of the Hadiths which they openly considered Shia as Kafir. Some people which they are enemies of Islam, altered or created such Hadiths so that the Muslims never unite. Those were rejected by many scholars such as a renowned Al-Azhar fatwa that allows Shia Muslims to attend Islamic Universities and Colleges in Egypt.
Read Sunni fatwas on Shias, Al-Azhar Shia fatwa & Mahmud Shaltut fatwa

Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri
(Chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek)
Tahir-ul-Qadri is a Pakistani writer, poet, religious scholar, political scientist, social reformer, and human rights activist. He is the patron-in-chief of Minhaj-ul-Quran Movement International and the Minhaj Social Welfare. He has discussed many issues like, Faith of Abu Talib(r.a.), Story of Karbala, etc., from Sunni references. You can buy his CD's from shops near Masjid (Imam Bargah).
Read some information about his life & his speech on "Faith of Abu Talib"
Official website "www.tahir-ul-qadri.com"

Rendering A Person As Disbeliever, Beating, & Killing NEW
(Narrations, Fatwas, & Speeches)
Narration is a message that tells an act or occurrence of events presented in writing and a fatwa is a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized scholar. Here I have compiled some of the Narrations from Companions as well as from well known and renowned Islamic Scholars (especially on cursing or slandering the Companions and declaring someone disbeliever or believer).
Read the Narrations & Fatwas from various Companions & Scholars

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