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Fiat Chief's Son Found Dead Near Turin

Published: November 16, 2000

Edoardo Agnelli, son of the head of the Fiat dynasty, was found dead today under a highway bridge, the second tragic blow to strike Italy's most prominent family in recent years.

Investigators suspected suicide in the death of Mr. Agnelli, 46, son of Giovanni Agnelli, the Fiat magnate. Edoardo Agnelli was described by friends as a dreamer more interested in mysticism than in making cars.

His death gave new edge to the question of who will lead Fiat in years to come.

Fiat officials said Mr. Agnelli's body was found by officers along a stream under a 240-foot-high bridge. Reporters who went to the site, 50 miles from Fiat headquarters in Turin, said the body had trauma to the head and face, apparently from a fall. Mr. Agnelli's empty Fiat Croma, its motor running, was on the bridge, said a spokesman for the company, Franco Sodano.

The body was removed for an autopsy after Giovanni Agnelli, 79, joined police officials at the site.

Edoardo Agnelli was born in New York, raised in Turin and educated at Princeton University. He spent time in India, pursuing his interest in religious mysticism.

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