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Iran Press Service

Iranian paper claim Edoardo Agnelli might be killed by Zionists

PARIS 20 Nov. (IPS) An Iranian newspaper says Edoardo Agnelli, the 46 years-old son of the Italian tycoon Giovanni Agnelli may have been assassinated.

The badly mutilated body of Edoardo was discovered Wednesday in deep ravine on the Turin-Savone highway. His car, a Fiat Croma, was found stopped on the sidewalk, bearing no trace of theft or violence.

Italian Police concluded to a possible suicide, but the English language newspaper "Iran Daily" claimed, quoting an e-mail received from an unidentified friend of Edoardo, that "being a good Muslim and having a strong faith, it is difficult to believe to his suicide, rather, he might have been assassinated".

According to the same source, Edoardo had converted secretly to Islam several years ago on studying the Koran, the Muslim's holly book and adopted the name of Mehdi. "Because of this conversion that was not accepted by the family, he had been rejected and hospitalised in a psychiatric hospital cared by Zionist doctors", Iran Daily said.

Though he was the only son of the elder Agnelli also known as the "Avocatto", but Edoardo never showed much interested in ruling the family conglomerate of Fiat, Italy’s and one of Europe’s largest carmaker and preferred travelling to India to study Hinduism and other Easter philosophies and religions.

"Mehdi would express often concerns about dangers presented by Zionists, repeating that he was afraid from their threats, thinking his life was in danger", the paper added, quoting the same source.

Family sources confirmed that the New York-born Edoardo was weak and detached, showing more interest in philosophy than in big business.

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