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Miracles of Allah
Allah, The Great and The Glorious, says: We will show them Our signs in all the horizons and in themselves, until it is clear to them that this is the truth. Is it not sufficient that your Lord is witness over everything?'.
(Holy Quran:24, Chapter:41, Verse:53)

Apparition (Appearance) of Fatima (S.A.)
(Seen by three children - Fatima city, Portugal)
A great miracle was seen in between May & October of 1917, by shepherd childrens, Lucia dos Santos, Jacinta, Francisco and about 70,000 peoples. Fatima is a city in Portugal, which is very famous for the religious visions. Fatima(s.a.) appeared in Fatima city in Portugal. Peoples dig where Fatima(a.s) appeared, for water which is known to cure people with sicknesses and poor health. A documentry film was made by Fatima Zahra Foundations, Iran, named "Fatima Sahebay Tasbhi". You can buy this film from shops located near Masjid (Imam Bargah). Kindly note that this is interpreted from christian side and the story may be altered after the vision.
Read the history of Fatima city in Portugal from "fatima.org & fatimavirtual.com"
How apparitions of an Angel & Fatima occurred? Seen by three childrens from "sacredsites.com"
The miracle of our lady Fatima & 70,000 witnesses from "christusrex.org"
Some interesting facts
Pictures of Fatima city, Portugal

Allah's Invisible Hands Saved Masjid In Indonesia
(Masjid stands through earthquake)
Indonesia's indestructible Masjid s defy colossal forces of tsunami under ‘God's invisible hand’ in Banda Aceh. Indeed Allah shows His miracles when ever He wants, where ever He wants.
Read the article "God saved Masjid in Indonesia" from middle-east-online.com

Edoardo Agnelli - Italy
(Miracle or a tragedy - FIAT company chief's son)
Edoardo, son of Gianni Agnelli(1966-2003), chief of FIAT(car manufacturing) comapany. Edoardo was martyred on Thursday 15th November 2000, his body was found beneath the bridge, Freeway Torino-Sayona, West Italy. Italian Police said that he commited suicide but the fact is that he was killed. Edoardo accepted Islam when his age was 20. FIAT is the largest company from others companies, Lancia, Ferrari, Iveco, etc, and mostly companies shares also belongs to his father. Agnelli family are also called the King of Italy. You can buy this documentary on CD from shops located near Masjid (Imam Bargah).
Read about the documentary film made by Iranian crew members
Read an article on Edoardo & FIAT company
Edoardo did not committed any suicide but he was killed, reported by "Iranian Press Service"
Fiat Chief's son found dead, reported by "New York Times"
Pictures of Edoardo when he visited Iran & the place where his body was found

Roman Princess Malika [Narjis (S.A.)]
(Daughter of Roman Caesar & Mother of Imam Mahdi a.t.f )
Princess Malika known as Narjis(sa), the daughter of a great Roman Caesar, was chosen by Almighty Allah(by a special dream) to become the Mother of 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi(atf). The beautiful princess, Nargis Khatoon(sa) was the descendant of the disciple Simon Peter, the vicegerent of Jesus. Narjis(sa) was a Roman princess and it was via a miracle in which she became married to Imam Hasan Askari(eleventh Imam), and become the mother of the last Imam, Imam Mahdi (atf).
Read more about the Roman princess & Her history

Moon Was Once Splits
(Miracle took place in the days of the Prophet Mahomet P.B.U.H.)
Moon splitting miracle was taken place in the days of Prophet Muhammad (Mahomet) P.B.U.H. In the picture shows the location of the “Rocky Belt” which shows the moon was once splitted. Moon splitting miracle is mentioned in the Holy Quran-27, Chapter The Moon-54.
Read the Moon was once split & NASA Reports

Massoma (Diana Beatty) NEW
(Colorado - USA)
Sister Diana Beatty now known as Massoma Amtullah was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She's almost 23 and become Muslim in 1994 years ago and She went for Hajj, in 1999. She teachs mathematics and statistics at a public high school in Colorado Springs, and has also taught science and math at other public schools in the region. She occasionally been asked to speak on Islamic topics in Vancouver, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Utah, and Colorado. She has also published a book named "Seeking the straight path".
Read her story "My journey to Islam"
Download her book "Seeking The Straight Path"

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