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Bad Websites which contains wrong informations

Your first believe: Your first believe should be in the Holy Quran then Hadiths because any human(Muslims, Christians, Hindu, etc.) can change the translation of Quran but can not change the Arabic because Allah is the protector of this Book. Original Hadiths of Muhammad(P.B.U.H) were changed by humans to spread hate between the peoples, so always match Hadith with Quran, if some part of the Hadith does not match but the meaning matches then it is fine otherwise don't accept it.

Hadith of Muhammad(SAW) in Sahih's and Ali(A.S.): Prophet Muhammad(SAW) Said: My sahaba will be taken to the fire [of hell], whereupon I shall plead: "O Lord! But these are my sahaba!" It will be said to me, "You do not know what they brought forth after you." I will say, "Then perdition should be the lot of all those who altered after me." (Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 7, p. 209, in a chapter dealing with the Pool [of al-Kawthar])

Imam Ali(a.s.) said: "Don't accept those Hadiths which they conflicts with Quran even if it's belongs to me". Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq(a.s.) and other Imam's also narrated same Hadiths.

There are several peoples(Muslims, Non-Muslims) and some websites which they are spreading wrong or false informations against Islam. So please... beware of such peoples and sites.

This website is specially developed for questions & answers (Q&A). This is a good site but only for those whose religion is accordingly to them. Don't rely on them for asking other religions queries because they give wrong answers from Hadiths or by their knowledge.
Reported by Farooq - sf

This site contains lots off religious informations. Some are useful but some are very unlawful & annoying like in Shi'ites(Shia) section, the Hadiths related to Shia, which abuses them are not correct. Please read the historical lectures, his own article which helped him in the contribution of the article by his Ex-Shia friend, a word of advice to Shia, etc. They don't have any knowledge but spreading wrong & false informations and also they are not uniting the peoples.
Reported by Kiran Zaidi & Umair - pk

This is a good site but when talking about Shia, then it's says that marriage with shia person is not valid or correct. I believe that if some one married with other religions people then its good because they are uniting and spreading love amongs them. Its also includes that it could have long term damages with regards to your beliefs and to your childrenís beliefs. There are many Sunni practicing pious brothers you could get married to. We can notice that many peoples performs marriages in other religions and are united till their deaths but there are other peoples too which they don't understand each other, its doesn't mean not to like other religions peoples unless he/she is a Muslim.
Reported by Sameer - uk

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The site says that Salat behind a Shia should not be performed. If one did so, it must be repeated, as it may not be valid! This is totally wrong, who he is to judge the prayers of others as this matter is solely between Allah and the person. Mr. Muhammad ibn Adam (Darul Iftaa, UK) does not check thoroughly because there are many false Hadiths regarding Shia are infidels and these Hadiths were rejected by many well known Islamic Scholars (especially by Sunni's). Only Allah knows whom prayers are accepted and rejected.
He also mentioned in the site that the Shia slanders the Companions especially Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a), Hazrat Omar (r.a), and Hazrat Uthman (r.a) but he did not mentioned that there are Sunniís (I should add some other religious groups too) as well who also slander Hazrat Ali (r.a), so can we pray behind them? Any religion who believes in Allah and His Last Prophet (PBUH) are considered Muslims and a Muslim believes that anyone can pray behind any Muslim (If he is not a non-believer of Allah and the Prophets), whatsoever.
Reported by Osama Khan - de

I am very thankful to all people by sending me such type of informations as I also don't know how much people are doing propaganda against Islam and to our religion.

NOTE: The above sites are checked/verified by me but remember that if you ask any questions related to Islam or any other then if you are in any doubt then please verify it from Quran, authentic Hadith or contact to a renowned Moulana(Ulema). When you send me something, then please send accurate section/article/URL.

(Pray for my family & pray for all peoples)

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