In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

اُردو پیج

Request for Chapter The Opener:
For all the deceased peoples who are not with us, first and last three times praise, one time chapter The Opener and three times chapter The Oneness, and please also include my father Syed Muhammad Ali Zaidi s/o Syed Lataif Hussain Zaidi. (For the sake of recompense/reward)

My Message:
- Praying regularly, keeps you away from all types of wickedness.
- Pray special prayers like Tahajjud and Wehchet-e-Qabar every day or atleast once in a week.
- Keep away from all types of tribalism & terrorism and learn to live amongst peoples.

Always say these blessings in prayers:
- O God!.. give us the guidence and show us the right path.
- O God!.. save all humans from all types of tyrant.
- O God!.. forgive our all mistakes and our sin.
- O God!.. save us by the death of torment and in filthiness.
- O God!.. avoid/save us by the punishments, pains in grave.
- O God!.. manifestate Imam Mahdi(a.t.f) and Prophet Jesus(a.s.) as soon as possible. (Amen)

Quranic Verses:
  • There are some peoples who would purchase distracting talk, to lead astray from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and take it in mockery; for those is a humiliating punishment.
  • (Quran:21, Chapter:31, Verse:6)

  • But Allah only forbids you to be guided by those who have fought against you in your religion's cause and expelled you from your homes or have supported others in your expulsion. Whosoever takes them as guides are harmdoers.
  • (Quran:28, Chapter:60, Verse:8-9)

    Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) Said:
  • Do not follow accordingly to your ancestors, parents religion until you don't find out that your religion is correct.
  • (Hadith-e-Rasool P.B.U.H.)

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    Pray for those who are fighting for their rights.

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