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Muhammad Al-Tijani Al-Samawi

Muslim scholar, Al-Tijani was formerly a Muslim of the Salafi denomination, but after a visit to Iraq, he started to study the Shi'a point of view. After some period, he concluded that the history of Islam is with regards to the early events that formed the Muslim communities, a unfactual account written by the Banu Umayyad, an account that eventually was taken as factual by the Sunnis. He eventually rejected some of the Sunni's account of history.

The author found the Shi'a arguments for their account of history also valid and sourced, and he bagand to write about it. Ask those who know is his second book in a series of book he wrote for the Sunni audience, asking the Sunnis the same questions he faced during his studies of Shi'a literature, and propagating that this questions can not be answered with the Sunni view of the events, and citing evidence that he claimed proved the Shi'a view.

This book, together with the rest of Al-Tijani's books where banned in some countries, for example Saudi Arabia.

The name of the title implies that Islam should be learned from Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) chosen family, the Ahl al-Bayt, and not from his companions, the Sahaba, implying that some of the companions where not among those who knew.

The book, together with Al-Tijani other books, have been regarded by Shi'as as important achievements, being prominently citeted in many Shi'a-Sunnni argumentations.

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