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 RW SGC Ishcus Antares

2012 Best Maine Coon of The Year


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The top winning Ishcus Maine Coon Cattery is located in Irelands sunny south east on the border of Kilkenny and Waterford, where my aim is to produce happy, confident, healthy Maine Coons of good type.


The Maine Coon is often known as the gentle giant of the cat world with his long shaggy coat, with the water proof top layer and his massive bone and snow shoe feet for walking in the snow, but originally these cats were much prized by the American farmers for their hunting ability, so their shaggy coat is to protect them against the harsh winters and their long tail to wrap round them for warmth, the large ears and eyes for detecting their prey and the large muscular body for catching it. They are now very much the house cat sleeping in strange places playing rough games with the children of the house and emptying water bowls all over the floor!! So would you chose one to share your home? Well they are the most affectionate soppy fools with a great sense of humour, taking most situations in their stride. They churp instead of meowing, their coat is relatively easy to maintain in comparison to the Persian. The down side is one Maine Coon is never enough!!

Adults  sometimes available to rehome




 My breeding adults are all DNA tested for HCM and regularly scanned, as ultrasound screening is still the most effective. Although no breeder can guarantee a cat won’t develop heart disease I feel it is better to breed from cats that I know have healthy normal hearts. They are all Hip scored and blood tested yearly for FIV and Felv.  My cats are all tested Negative FCoV serology



Show Success


 They are all regularly successfully shown; see show records for this year.