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Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf, and Holland Lop Rabbits



 Welcome to Isabella's Rabbitry.

We're located in our new location: Middletown , Indiana. We show and breed Fine quality Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf, and Holland Lop Rabbits. Always trying to obtain perfection. We believe bloodlines are very important. We line breed our rabbits. We  breed to conform with the ARBA standards for the Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf, and Holland Lop rabbits.

We are going to give Holland Lops a try!!! Our main breed are Jersey Woolies and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits but having a good start with our Holland Lops.

The rabbitry is a family thing between mom (Melissa Day) and daughter (Isabella Day). We show in OPEN and in YOUTH at Local and National Shows. The rabbits are a fun hobby for us. Our rabbits are mainly for our companionship. We love to hug and kiss them lots! Mom's favorite color of rabbit is a black otter. Isabella's favorite color of rabbit is anything in the shaded rabbit color group. We work with most color groups.  We even work with Bew's.

***We do raise and sell A.K.C. Reg. lab puppies and fainting goats from time to time. Our Labrador Retriever website:  Check out our website. Hope you enjoy your visit!

If your interested in our buns or if you have any questions about our buns email us. 


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Our Rabbitry # Y075

Last Updated: 1-11-13

Can't wait to find some nice rabbits at convention in Kansas!

A nice new Holland Lop and a Jersey Wooly were bought!!!

New stock has been added to our herd - not yet added to our website (jersey wooly, netherland dwarf, and holland lop rabbits).

Our site will soon be under contruction - look for new upcoming changes 

****Were in the process of making bews in both JW's and in ND's!!!!

ARBA Convention time!!!!!!!!!! We're going - see you there!

*****Chico the Netherland Dwarf took 2nd place again this year at ARBA Convention in Kansas!

*****Dr. Pepper our Jersey Wooly took 3rd place at ARBA Convention in Kansas!

*****Buckwheat our holland Lop took 6th place out of 80 someting rabbits at ARBA Convention in Kansas!

***Also many other good wins - these are just some of our favorite rabbits! :)