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Site updated March 13, 2007.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - History of the 1-7th Btns. Royal Irish Rifles by Captain Cyril Falls..

Added - The story of the Carney family in the Great War. (See 'Exiles and Emigrants' section)

Added - A Corkman dies on the Somme. Contributed by 'Wig' of the GWF. See 'Irish on the Somme'

Added - More local war memorial links (see 'Aftermath) ; 'The War in Salonica' link now on 10th (Irish) Division section.

Added - two excellent essays by Professor Keith Jeffrey on how the Great War affected attitudes in Ireland during and post war.

Added - R. Dublin Fus.  account for Ginchy September 9, 1916. From Stephen Nulty. See 'Irish on the Somme' section.

Added - link to a Dublin casualty and memorial database from Ken Devitt - see 'Aftermath Section' . More please!

Added - link from Jean Prendergast Cork.

Added - The Waterford News - link to a superb site for those interested in how this Irish town's populace was affected by the 1914-18 war ; PLUS The Tsar's Irish Army - superb photo album of Royal Naval Armoured Cars in Russia .

Please send links to local war memorial websites. They will be placed under the 'Aftermath' section. Some links already in place. Your help appreciated.


Welcome to this new website dedicated to the men of the Irish Regiments who served during World War One.

In recent years there has been a re-awakening of interest in these men, especially in the Republic of Ireland, once deemed 'Ireland's Unknown Soldiers' by the historian Terence Denman.

That growing interest is reflected in the number of amateur researchers and enthusiasts who have uncovered a wealth of detail about the men, their regiments and battalions and the actions which they fought in.

This site aims to provide a vaulable resource covering the Irish role in what became known as the 'Great War'. The ethos of the site will be respect for all traditions on this island and a determination to ensure that these soldiers are no longer 'forgotten men'.


The Tsar's Irish Army


Link to the quirky 'Your Place and Mine' website ... YP&M is a Radio Ulster Saturday morning magazine which enjoys a huge listenership and often turns up some priceless gems ... like the story above!

Waterford Memories


This is the kind of site which throws up lots of little gems. Basically, it's a pleasure to look through some of the columns which the 'Waterford News' devoted to the men from that town and district who fought - and died - in the 1914-18 conflict. Recommended highly ... one of those sites where an hour passes very quickly! (Link by Ken Devitt)

Cork in the Great War

Jean Prendergast of Cork area and a project member has contributed this very relevant link to her webspace. Recommended reading for all those who share an interest in the 'Old Contemptible' battalions. Jean's site is regularly updated.


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