International Ownage Game Clan

Gaming together, Owning together = Gaming Fun!

Member Rules of Conduct



ALL members are to know and enforce our servers rules at ALL times, regardless of ranking.

Always respectfully enforce the rules, ÍØ» WILL be known for its positive, powerful and fun attitude!

Understand foremost that when you wear your tags you represent us all, everywhere you go. Always wear your tags with pride!

ALL Members of the clan must conduct themselves in what is generally
considered a respectful ÍØ» manner and treat each other with respect.

Disrespect among clan members is considered a serious offense by the ÍØ» clan as whole.

Tea-Bagging or any other form of teasing will not be tollerated and is considered disrespectfull.

Clan members are also expected to respect all guests in servers, game or voice,
and are expected to follow our rules and guidelines of the clan in representation of ÍØ».

Clan members are expected to wear their tags in game but not required, unless in scrimmage or practice at those times your tags are required.

Any members (Staff) with game rcon privileges need to wear their tags to enforce our rules in the servers!
You must wear your tags to ban or kick players.

Clan members will NOT, under any circumstances, purposely cause problems with or issues for another clan, regardless of ÍØ»'s relationship with the other clan (being good or bad).
ANYWHERE servers or forums!

Issues caused with other clans are detrimental to the ÍØ» clan integrity and can destroy the image of the ÍØ» clan to the gaming community at large.

Any issues involving the breaking of the conduct or server rules that the ÍØ» clan or its Admins could considers such acts to be a Major or minor infraction,
and will have disciplinary actions to follow, up to including: loosing all your memberships rights and privileges!

ÍØ»: INTERNATIONAL OWNAGE GAME CLAN has a very positive name in the PC gaming community and we will continue to be known as a powerful and respected clan, with your help and understanding of the RULES OF CONDUCT

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