International Ownage Game Clan

Gaming together, Owning together = Gaming Fun!

Game  Server Rules


As International Ownage Game clan members, we pride ourselves in fair & honorable play. And as such, we expect no different from our visitors. To meet those standards, one must abide by These few simple Rules . . .

These are very simple rules used by many clans beacuse running clean fun servers are more enjoyable for all!

1. Camping
•NO Base Camping – We will allow up to 2 base campers at any one time; unless under severe         attack!
•NO Portal Camping - Standing next to a portal & waiting for people to come through or from a     distance with a tank
• Non-Camping - It is not considered camping if you stop in an area to wait for a person to fall     into your ambush and then moving on. (Ex. In Sidewinder, if you see someone on the other side   of the portals about to come through, it is perfectly acceptable to ambush them. Just don’t           continue to sit there.) Stopping or hiding to reload is also fine.

2. Changing Teams
• Changing teams is only allowed if a member of the clan tells you to or if you are doing so to        help even out the teams.
• Changing teams well not be allowed if you are doing it just to be on the winning team.
• Ownage Game Clan will always play as a team when possible. So when you see a member of the    clan come in & they switch teams, don’t complain. We well do everything in our power to create    a fair level of game play. If teams are uneven & there’s nobody willing to even them, we well        kick the lowest scoring players until the game is even again.

3. General Conduct
• Do not attempt to Team Kill. We are here to play, not to play around.
• Do not teabagg it is disrespectful and not allowed
• Do not nade your team’s empty vehicles.
• If game type has infinite nades, you are not allowed to nade camp.
• Parking anything on the flag is not allowed, vechicals are not allowed on the flag platform.
• Hogs and vehicles are not allowed in tunnels in danger canyon, and cannot be used as tunnel        blockades in any map.
• Do not use wall glitches or map glitches, it is cheating and you will be banned.
• Do not use any hacks, including aimbots, wireframing, etc. It is cheating and you will be banned.

4. Chatting
The following well not be acceptable on our server. (Applies to clan as well)
• WE PROTECT THESE SERVERS AND OUR VISITORS FROM ABUSIVE AND FOUL LANGUAGE. Depending on the violation we will generally give you grace of two warnings and then a kick. But our staff may kick then ban at their discretion based upon foul or abusive language.
•NO Racist or sexist comments (or names)
•NO Excessive pissing & moaning
•NO Spamming
•This is not a chat room, if your not here to play, then its best to go chat elsewhere.
•Overall – Respect our clan & all players on our server.

• Any ping considered to be high may be kicked with 1 warning 325+is to high.
• Too many random ping spikes by any one player may also result in being kicked

6. AFK
•DO NOT sit in our server while you go out or to eat dinner or anything else that would take           longer then 5 minutes.

7. Stunts
• Stunting = 1 warning then kicked
• Stunting is not allowed at all on our server. If you want to stunt, go find a stunt server.

The following is the most important rule of all.

8. Have Fun
• Be competitive, but remember that it’s just a game.
• Keep a friendly environment

Failure to comply with the Rules may result in immediate kick or ban. For the most part, we are very lenient and well give a verbal warning for first offenses.
Thank You for your cooperation & enjoy our servers!!!