International Ownage Game Clan

Gaming together, Owning together = Gaming Fun!



Welcome to the Informational website of

 International Ownage Game Clan

 Now in our 9th year owning the scoreboards!

Founded in December of 2007 by 

KRØNÍC , R€d-ЮäGøÑ , and Vërbál

currently, around 100 clan members!




We are one of the most respected and equally feared worldwide gaming clans. Dedicated to having fun and playing online games as a group, we all enjoy Owning the score boards, especially gaming together. We pride ourselves on being respectful and running clean play in our game servers. We take pride in the respect and honor that our game tags represent.

 We are a very strictly a hack and cheat free clan.

We do not allow members to be in mutliple clans

We are drama free as much as possible.

Always recruiting friendly respected gamers!


 If your thinking of becoming one of us, its important to get to know the members and play in our servers with us. Our membership is by clan voting so its in your best interest to get to know as many members as possible!

Our forums are locked so if you would like to become a forum member and apply or just check us out, please register at the forum link on the upper left of this page then reply to a letter sent from this email or directly contact us at the email below, before your guest account will be unlocked:

 find us on Steam Groups

 Our servers are open to the public, but they are mainly for our members and their guests to enjoy.



If you were kicked or banned from our servers it was for a good reason. Please enjoy the other 800 servers if this happens to you!

If you feel your ban was a mistake please contact a admin by email




We operate a 50 slot TeamSpeak server for our members and guests to communicate in game. We also have a  weekly meeting that all members are given the opportunity to be part of , where we discuss many things, including applicants, tournament, new games, servers etc. As well as a huge party online every six months, with prizes and video group montages. We are a very tight group as we think its important that, having fun gaming together as a group , IS our #1 goal .

We are also very active in other games such as :

World Of Tanks

League of Legends


Modern Warfare 2 & 3

Killing Floor



and many more!

Thanks again to the donations made by our members and





                                 Please feel free to register at our member forums, it is a private area for our members and guests to communicate, have fun and game on!                                    


             International Ownage Game Clan is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.                             



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