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11:09 AM on September 20, 2012 


(IF 16 OR UNDER) Henri Senn

Score; 141 percentage; 54.23%

1 A Enter at collected canter right. At X halt and salute
(transition should be direct) 10 6.5 Wow this one is a bit wild! Quarters all over the place! Mind you the salute takes some beating!(Extra mark there I think!)
2 Proceed at collected trot. At C track left. HXF change the rein
in medium trot, just
before F working trot. 10 6.5 I am glad you seem to have now regained control . Oops slight loss of direction at C. Some beautiful elevated steps to X then lost concentration ? what a pity
3 A Proceed down the centre line D collected trot D to X shoulder
in right. 10 4.5 Oh no, trying to run through the bridle so late to turn at A ? what a shame no shoulder in visible 
4 X Circle right 10m in collected trot 10 5 Circle rather large and escaping through the outside shoulder
5 On returning to X circle left 10m in collected trot 10 0 Back in control and a good start ? oh no dramatic fall of horse and rider ? are you both ok? Hang on I need to check my rule book as I am sure I have to give you a 0 now 
6 X to G shoulder in left 10 5 Started well then became disobedient and trying to escape through the right shoulder but very assertively corrected!
7 C Track left at H transition to medium walk. E collected walk
and turn left. Between X
and B a demi - pirouette to the left proceed to X 10 5.5 Could show more energy in the medium walk steps but doesn?t he have dainty collected walk steps! Becoming disobedient into demi-pirouette and legs a little sticky
8 Between X and E demi - pirouette to the right proceed in collected walk to X 10 6.5 Started very well and marching time then came against the hand ? what a pity!
9 X collected canter right and at B turn right. A turn down the
centre line. D to M half pass
right. 10 5 Changing leads ? definitely quarters leading (when he eventually got on the correct lead)
10 At M a simple change of leg (transition to walk should be
direct) 10 6 Horse and rider seem a little fatigued ???? Transitions could be more direct
11 HEK medium canter. At K collected canter 10 5.5 Promising energy but seems to have some difficulty keeping his legs in order
12 A turn down the centre line D to H half pass left 10 4.5 Not quite sure what movement he is doing here but it looks very lovely
13 H Transition to working trot. C transition to medium
walk. 10 7.5 Hurray he has done what you have asked him
14 M E Change the rein in extended walk at E collected walk
20 14 Horse and rider experiencing fatigue at M! Extended walk so extravagant that rider is being thrown backwards!
15 Before K collected canter left. A turn down the centre
line 10 4 Wrong lead! Quarters leading down the centre line
16 X Halt. Rein back three steps. Proceed in collected
trot 10 4 Becoming disobedient and some over use of the hand in correction, rein back rather crooked
17 Before G Halt. Salute. Leave the arena free walk on a long rein 10 3 Some lovely steps then became rather unwilling to halt so salute rather on the move! Oh what a naughty boy he has thrown his rider!
18 Regularity rhythm and freedom of paces 20 14 I believe this horse truly has potential in his paces as he shows moments of extravagance
19 Impulsion (desire to move forwards, elasticity of steps and suppleness of back) 20 10 Needs to always focus willingly forward
20 Submission (acceptance of aids, confidence, balance, lightness and ease of movements) 20 8 Clearly a rather cheeky and naughty boy who needs to concentrate more
21 Application of aids and position of rider. 20 16 Well done for persevering through this test in somewhat difficult circumstances at time ? I believe that with a huge lot of training he will do a fantastic test!
Total 260

Tips and advice.

A very brave attempt on a horse that is definitely struggling with this level of test. I suggest you take him back to basics and attempt nothing more than a walk only test until he is more settled in his attitude. I wonder if there is a back-pole problem? Maybe a trip to the joiners may identify a cause for his unpredictable behaviour! Good luck with him but maybe a change of job for him might be the answer...send him away to be a curtain pole for a while- this might straighten out any back issues!
SCORING EXPLAINED:0= not performed. 1= very bad.2=fairly bad. 3= bad. 4=insufficient. 5=sufficient. 6=satisfactory. 7= fairly good. 8=good. 9= very good. 10=excellent. Half marks will be used.
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