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11:11 AM on September 20, 2012 


(IF 16 OR UNDER) G N Tonic

Score; 167.5 percentage; 64.42%

1 A Enter at collected canter right. At X halt and salute
(transition should be direct) 10 6.5 Rather laboured on entry and head swinging. Rather wide to halt!
2 Proceed at collected trot. At C track left. HXF change the rein
in medium trot, just
before F working trot. 10 6.5 Drifting through the right shoulder on move off ? nice swing to the rear end but not covering much ground!
3 A Proceed down the centre line D collected trot D to X shoulder
in right. 10 6.5 Quarters rather swinging and not sure if he is very confident in this movement but nice wiggle!
4 X Circle right 10m in collected trot 10 6.5 Losing forwardness at times ? is this because you seem to be a bit behind the movement????
5 On returning to X circle left 10m in collected trot 10 7 Length of step altering at times
6 X to G shoulder in left 10 6.5 A little shuffly!
7 C Track left at H transition to medium walk. E collected walk
and turn left. Between X
and B a demi - pirouette to the left proceed to X 10 5 He is rather keen to spin himself around here!!!!! But did end up in the right direction
8 Between X and E demi - pirouette to the right proceed in collected walk to X 10 4.5 Wow that was a bit flash but made me dizzy. Try to encourage him to relax and maintain a constant walk rhythm. All that spinning has made him tired
9 X collected canter right and at B turn right. A turn down the
centre line. D to M half pass
right. 10 7 Anticipating the transition, some lovely brave sideways steps in the half pass but quarters tending to lead ? I am impressed how he can multi task and sweep the floor whilst performing a test (that must be really useful!)
10 At M a simple change of leg (transition to walk should be
direct) 10 6.5 Brave change but then quarters trailing right
11 HEK medium canter. At K collected canter 10 6.5 Could put a little more effort and energy into the medium steps!
12 A turn down the centre line D to H half pass left 10 6 A little bit slow to start the half pass but got there in the end!
13 H Transition to working trot. C transition to medium
walk. 10 7 Losing a little energy and forwardness
14 M E Change the rein in extended walk at E collected walk
20 13 The coaxing worked as he is trying to cover the ground for you in the extended steps
15 Before K collected canter left. A turn down the centre
line 10 6.5 Obedient transition but could jump through more in the collected steps
16 X Halt. Rein back three steps. Proceed in collected
trot 10 6 Well I have never seen it done like that before!!!!!!
17 Before G Halt. Salute. Leave the arena free walk on a long rein 10 7 Obedient but could step up into the halt more ( but it is nice to see you rewarding him for his efforts!)
18 Regularity rhythm and freedom of paces 20 14 I do believe he has some scope hidden away in his paces ? they just need to be released!
19 Impulsion (desire to move forwards, elasticity of steps and suppleness of back) 20 13 If he could offer energy more generously this would help ? the carrots did seem to encourage him forward though
20 Submission (acceptance of aids, confidence, balance, lightness and ease of movements) 20 13 He was trying desperately hard for you even when he did get a little muddled ? but the ability to sweep a floor simultaneously whilst performing is a rare quality
21 Application of aids and position of rider. 20 13 Well tried ? I do worry that you may burn him from your cigarette though ;-)
Total 260

Tips and advice.

Hulamophead is very much a horse of 2 halves and seems a little weak through his back generally- this may be something to do with his age!

I am not sure that smoking and drinking whilst riding is helping your performance but as there is nothing in the Interdressage rulebook to say you can?t do it then smoke, drink, ride and make merry for as long as you can

SCORING EXPLAINED:0= not performed. 1= very bad.2=fairly bad. 3= bad. 4=insufficient. 5=sufficient. 6=satisfactory. 7= fairly good. 8=good. 9= very good. 10=excellent. Half marks will be used.
Copyright protected. This test is the property of Interdressage 2008.