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Reading and collecting inspirational quotes, poem and stories have been one of my love for many years. I have posted some of them on my office wall, shared them with friends, use them at speaking engagements, as well as in my personal life.

Inspire Me Today is simply sharing some of these well known and favorite works with you. The truth is, inspirational quotes and stories can change a person's life. A quote or a story can influence the way you think and act. One’s outlook on life can take on a new direction as you contemplate a thought or the experience of another person. In reading these quotes and stories you may choose to do further reading about these authors and their works, and I would be happy to know that you thought of it while here. 

Inspire Me Today not only offers inspirational quotes and stories but a daily Bible verse for those who may not have found the time to read the Bible for the day, and for their meditation as well. For those you would like to memorize Bible verses, this could be a helpful tool also. If you are interest in looking up the entire Bible passage or a word in the Bible, you can use the tool provided by to do that. 

It is my intention to add more services in the near future as this ministry develops, but I do hope you will find some help while here and thank you for stopping by.

Oral Campbell






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