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Do you remember the old idiom ‘sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me?’ Well that is not totally true. While words do not inflict any physical harm, they do cause emotional and psychological pain to many persons.

 Words are very powerful, they produce actions and results. That is why we use them to get things done. Words are used to indoctrinate and to expound ideas, dreams, aspirations and ideologies. Motivational speakers have used this to their advantage. World leaders have used words to rally a country/nation behind them. Words are powerful and therefore, are an integral part of our lives.

I believe if we can use this medium in a positive way it can make a difference in our interpersonal relationships.

Using inspiring words in our communication can also make a difference with what a person does with his/her life. Such words can move persons out of hopelessness and despair into a life of hope and tremendous achievement/blessing.

Such is the aim of this site and one can only hope that as persons visit it, they will find something that can make a difference in their lives.







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