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Fresh  Start  Therapies,  Arlene Shovald,  Clinical  HypnoTherapy, Past  Life  Regression,   Dream Analysis,   Reiki, and Deep Tissue Swedish Massage, Melodee, Salida, CO, Colorado

 Fresh Start Therapies

 Arlene Shovald,   Ph.D.


 Massage  by  Melodee

7405 W. US Hwy 50 in Salida, CO  81201

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Fresh Start Therapies, LLC, 

Arlene Shovald, Ph.D.


Arlene Shovald  offers:                                   

  •   Clinical   Hypnotherapy   
  •   Past  Life  Regression  Therapy   
  •   Dream  Analysis 
  •   Reiki  

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             Arlene Shovald has a background that includes traditional and alternative medicine. She was an Emergency Medical Technician and Nursing Assistant and is self-taught in many areas of natural healing, going back to age seven when she learned self-hypnosis because she was afraid of the dentist.
                In 1987 she decided to formalize her education and earned a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and certification in clinical hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy.
                She specializes in hypnotherapy and dream analysis and is the author of "Let Your Dreams Be Your Doctor," a "reader friendly" version of her doctoral dissertation on using dreams to diagnose and treat physical and emotional problems.  


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Melodee  Hallett,  MASSAGE

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage 

2 Hours  $45 

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