IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

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Comparison Specs: Factory Jensen 51 vs. Jensen 51 Replica


Original Jensen 51

My Jensen 51 Replica
Boiler Heaters
3 x 300 watt immersion rods total 900 watts 7.5 amps
2 x 660 watt immersion rods & 1 x 300 watt rod total 1620 watts and 13 amps
Steam Powered Electrical generation 1 combo AC/DC gen. 2 tandem AC, 1 DC gen.
AC gen. powered accessories 1 lamp & 1 switch 2 lamps & 2 switches
DC gen. powered accessories 1 motor w/Jensen mini saw blade & 1 switch
1 motor with Jensen lineshaft pulley, 3 lamps & 3 switches

Console ventilation fan

No Yes
AC line incoming ammeter Yes (0-10 amps)
Yes (0-15 amps)
Hour meter, cummulative Yes Yes
AC low voltage meter Yes (0-10 AC volts)
Yes (0-10 AC volts)
AC milliammeter w/switch Yes (0-250 MA)
Yes (0-250 MA)
DC low voltage meter Yes (0-5 DC volts)
Yes (0-25 DC volts)
DC milliammeter w/switch Yes (0-300 MA)
Yes (0-300 MA)
System fuse 10 amp 15 amp (+14 ga. wiring)
Functional water tower 1/2 US gallon 3/4 US gallon
Functional condensate
stack with drain
Yes Yes
Inches of Water
meter for tank
Yes (earlier examples)
Water tank drain valveNoYes
DC power takeoff for external accessories

Parts and Sources for building my Jensen 51 Replica

Part Source
Shurite &  Hobbs meters eBay and online surplus electronic sources
Switches, fuse holder, wire, solder, connectors and banana jacks etc. Radio Shack
1000 W rotary dimmer Aubuchon Hardware (online)
Console ventilation fan
Laptop computer fan (eBay)
DC lamp post bulbs
#502 bulb from
AC lamp post bulbs#352-X bulb from Jensen Mfg. Co.
DC lamp over motor
#131 bulb from
Water tower framework Lowes Home Improvement store, aluminum L angle
sold in 8 foot pieces
Water tank Williams & Sonoma Stainless Steel cookie jar off eBay
Water tank platform Plasterer's aluminum plate, Rural King stores
Water tank SS downtube & valve Tube from Online Metals, shutoff valve from ACE hardware
Water feed lines, fittings and Swagelok valve Stainless steel auto brake lines, NAPA Autoparts
store & Swagelok brand compression fittings and valve, eBay
Condensate stack Nickel plated brass sink drain tube, ACE
Condensate stack base Gate latch with internal bolted rubber stopper, ACE
Hotwatt Immersion rod heaters
Jensen Mfg. Co.
Tall & short lamp posts
Jensen Mfg. Co.
Extensions for two smaller lamp posts Stainless steel cattle implant needles, sharp tips cut off, made perfect friction fit
DC motor
Removed from Meccano plastic motor housing. Mounted can motor within alum. tube scrapped from a large marker pen, and epoxied tube into nice brass mount picked up on eBay
DC Generator Small stepper motor
Wood, fasteners & finishes
Lowes Home Improvement stores and ACE Hardware
Exhaust tubes to stack Modified from old Jensen 60 steam tubes
Console engraved nametags
Courtesy of friend Mike Phillips
Nickel plating of boiler and select other parts
J&L Burnishing & Lacquering, 6 Cohocton St.,
Atlanta, NY
14808         phone:  585-534-5115


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