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Here you will find the roster of members, upcoming events, and fun extras.


Whenever something interesting happens, you'll find it here.

Monday, October 13th, 10:44 PM.


Meetings are held relatively every monday in room 230 after school.
The "IN CASE YOU MISSED IT" headline will be posted after every meeting, just in case you couldn't make it.
Currently, we are splitting the club into two different meetings.
Mondays after school in room 230.
These are general film club meetings. We will discuss events, watch movies, pick genres, directors, movies and remakes, and other issues relating to films on these days. We can come up with ideas for projects, have parties, and just hang out on these days. If you aren't interested in whatever project we're currently doing, then come to these meetings. Dates and times for project meetings will be posted in the room, but will not be a main focus in these meetings.
Project Meetings:
We're having project meetings on Thursdays after school in room 230.
A project leader will be in charge of these meetings.
Typically, these meetings are to be held to organize projects, and often involve leaving the school to do work on location of filming. We will also be utilizing these meetings for filming and production [AKA Workshops] If you signed up, or are a member of the crew [make up, camera, director, actors, extras, etc] these meetings are for you.
Dates, times, and locations for project meetings will be posted in the room and announced during general meetings and on the announcements.
We will be having zombie movie workshops this Friday around 11am and this Saturday around 6:30pm. i am not sure exactly where we are going to be holding the meetings [either nate hannibal's house-1999 dover center road, or my house 26161 rose rd, or matts house-idk the address]
We're planning a field trip for Saturday, November 15th to see the "Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival" at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Admission is $5 and we're working on transportation costs.
More information on this event can be found here: Wild and Scenic Film Festival Website.

Saturday, August 30th, 12:59 PM.

Hi everyone! i tried cleaning up the site a bit. I will be getting a laptop and a site editing program soon so our whole site will be different.


There will be a mandatory Film Club Officers meeting this Thursday, September 4th, after school in room 230 at 2:30. We will be discussing plans for the Homecoming parade [as we may enter a float], dues, a party, IFC logos, T-shirts, Fundraisers, Scholarship Challenge, Summer Project plans and status, a possible video for the first meeting to be done over the weekend, and how to start on a group project. 

There will be a Film Club meeting next Monday, September 8th, after school in room 230 at 2:30. This will be an informative meeting where we will get together and chat and stuff. We'll pass out notecards, survey about equipment, discuss t-shirt designs, and decide on a movie for our party.

We hope everyone's getting the year off to a great start and we can't wait to see everyone at the meetings!

 OH! i added a calendar so everyone can see what's going on!

Wed, June 18th, 2:16 AM. 

I created a page so that you guys can email me straight from the website. I titled it   Troubleshooting

Wed, June 18th, 12:40 AM.

Hey everyone! It's Kelli. I'm sitting here at 10:51 at night, eating a ham sandwich, and making us a website. Matt finally completed the IFC roster, so I decided to send out the FIRST-EVER Independent Film Club Group Email. Now that my sandwich is finished, it's time to get down to business.

Business time:
Thank You.
First thing's first. I want to thank you all for being interested enough to join and come to our meetings. Without you, this club would not be possible. So thank you, the member, for sticking through the first three meetings and being a part of the club. I appreciate it. 
Summer Events.
I'm looking for people who are interested in getting together with me this summer and helping me plan what we're going to do with the club next year. If you decide to be a Planner, you will have control over what direction we will take our club in next year and the years following. Planners will help me to start writing scripts, generating movie ideas, and helping to create films over the summer. Contact Kelli for more info.
If you're good at HTML or making websites, drawing, working with photoshop, or creating props, WE WANT YOU! Please contact me if you're interested in being a techie and helping us create a logo and website for easier access to information and contact.
Summer Project Sign-up:
Please email me back with the title of your summer project and who is going to be in it. I will add you to the list. This is Very Important for next year.
Summer Project help:
Need actors for your summer project? Can't figure out how to edit something? Feel like helping everyone out with their films? Contact Kelli to be added to the summer help list.
That's all folks.
Haha. I think i got everything down.