IKJ Services


We have provided campaign assistance directly for/or independantly in support of the following....


         The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton, President United States of America

         The Late Honorable Lawton Chiles, Florida Governor

         The Honorable Buddy MacKay, Florida Lt. Governor

         The Honorable Carrie Meek, Congresswoman

         The Honorable Kendrick Meek, Congressman

*    The Honorable Barrack Obama, Senator 

         The Honorable John Due, State Assemblyman (New York)

         The Late Honorable Elaine Gordon, State Representative

         The Honorable Willie Logan. State Representative

         The Honorable Kendrick Meek, State Representative

         The Honorable Larcinia Bullard, State Representative

         The Honorable Sally Hayman, State Representative

         The Honorable James Bush III, State Representative

*     The Honorable Oscar Braynon, Senator

*     The Honorable Dwight Bullard, Senator

*     The Honorable Gary Siplin, Senator

         The Honorable Kathleen Fernandez Rundle, State Attorney

         The Late Honorable Author E. Teele, Jr., County Commission

         The Honorable Betty Ferguson, County Commission

         The Honorable Dorrin Rolle, County Commission

*    The Honorable Barbara Jordan, County Commission

         The Honorable Alex Penelas, County Commission

         The Late Honorable Robert Ingram, City of Opa Locka Mayor

         The Honorable Alvin Miller, City of Opa Locka Mayor

         The Honorable Scott Galvin, Councilman City of North Miami

         The Honorable Don Slesnick, Mayor Coral Gables

         The Honorable Maurice Ferre, Mayor City of Miami

*     The Honorable Joel Jacobi, Vice Mayor City of Bal Harbor

*     The Honorable Oscar Braynon, Councilman City of Miami Gardens

         The Honorable Roscoe Warren, City of Homestead

to name just a few.....

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