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Automated Calls
Target thousands of individuals in just a few hours with a personal pre-recorded message. A message in your own voice can be broadcast automatically to every individual on your call list, or we can provide a voter list for you. Busy signals and no-answers can be automatically redialed. Automated calls provide a powerful, cost-effective strategy to reach your target market in a timely manner.

Fundraising, early voting reminders, persuasion calls, advocacy calls, special event notification, candidate search, and poll worker search are all examples of automated calls.

GOTV Calls
Target voters in your district with a pre-recorded message from you or another influential personality endorsing your campaign. Get voters to the polls to capture the victory by reaching hundreds of thousands of voters in just a few hours with an automated message. This helps bring out the votes you have worked so hard to produce with a reminder message just before the election. 

Endorsement Calls
Many candidates increase voter confidence and gain name recognition by having renowned and notable Elected Officials endorse their campaign.  When a constituent answers the phone and hears the voice of a trusted, noteworthy representative, their likeliness to listen, respond, and take action increases significantly. Partner with IKJ Services to increase voter trust and response rate.

Polling and Surveys

Polling is a popular method used by today’s influential political community to measure public opinion regarding upcoming elections and various topics of interest. Several popular automated polling methods include: opinion polls, push polls, citizen surveys, and tele-voting. Identifying where the public stands on upcoming elections plays a key role in staying ahead of your opponents.  Use automated polling to better understand the perspectives of potential voters and strengthen the relationship between you and your constituents. IKJ Services can target certain areas based on demographics or geographic location. Candidates have used IKJ Services to determine where they stand in the publics eye.  These critical services can be completed within a few hours and the information collected will be gathered in a data file, analyzed, and cross tabbed. 

  • A push poll is a polling technique designed to persuade respondents to adopt a particular view under the pretense of conducting a poll. The entity conducting the poll often refers to negative aspects of a particular opponent or policy in order to influence the view of the poll respondent.
  • An opinion poll is used to determine the perspective of a particular survey sample. The responses from this sample are then applied to the larger population within statistical parameters.  Results from an opinion poll can be used to help a candidate determine which of his values to emphasize in his campaign.
  • A citizen survey is a variation of opinion polling in which residents of a specific region are questioned to determine their viewpoint on issues regarding their local community, government, and political issues.
  • Televoting is a form of opinion polling that incorporates random digit dialing in order to contact individuals who have the option to volunteer to receive written materials on a certain issue. The participants are asked to discuss the issue with their family and friends and then come to a conclusion regarding the matter. Once the deliberation period is concluded, volunteers are contacted a second time to voice their opinion.

Event Notification
Increasing attendance and voter participation is key to victory in every campaign. Let IKJ Services make event reminder calls for you.  Automated reminder calls provide an efficient, effective method to keep in contact with constituents.  Political candidates have enjoyed great success through the use of get out the vote (GOTV) calls which encourage voters to show their support at the polls. Use reminder calls to maintain your relationship with voters and increase participation for worthy causes and rallies.


Campaign Fundraising
Campaign fundraising is an important political element.  It takes a large amount of money to manage a successful and victorious campaign. To ensure a victory, fundraising must be priority at the beginning, middle, and end of your campaign. 


“Press 1” Transfer Calls
Now you have the ability to immediately reach those voters who are interested in what you represent. Political organizations often utilize the “Press 1” transfer feature to encourage constituents to be transferred to the office of their representative and voice their opinion on important issues.  This service has been successfully utilized to put a stop to bad legislation as well as encourage support of good legislation.  Locate constituents who are eager to contribute, volunteer, or place your yard sign and transfer them to a live operator to complete the transaction. Make the most of your automated calling campaign by giving participants the ability to respond to your message and take action immediately.


Answering Machine Only Calls
Want to contact voters in a more personal manner? Our advanced technology allows you to record a variety of messages and select which to leave on an answering machine and which to play to a live answer. With this capability, you can choose a message in a more personal tone which will be left only when an answering machine picks up the call. Later when your client listens to their message, it will sound like you made the call personally. When the call is answered by a live person however, a more standardized message will be played if you choose to do so.


We have the ability to send a piffy text to all known cell phones in any zip code, city , or county.  We have  the data!  Our data is renewed on a monthly basis.  We are able to include a hyper link to your designated web site or landing page. 


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