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A Better Way To Communicate


 What can Personalized Calling do for your Marketing Campaign?


IKJ Services provides the means for businesses, candidates & organizations

to deliver individual telephone calls directly to a household or business in a fast, easy, and efficient manner. 


Whether you need to reach a particular zip code, ward, precinct, district, or entire state....


Or even men, women, senior citizens, and young adults, personalized calling can deliver your messages the way you want, when you want. By age, demographics, zip code, gender, etc...




Call your Consumers to:  Sell your product or service


Explain your position on issues:

 Poll voter opinion via multi-question surveys   

  • Let your voters hear endorsement messages
  • Generate name recognition
  • Respond to opposition statements
  • Do an opinion or a push poll
  • Gauge responses on issues
  • Remind them to vote… for you or your position....


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