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You can find reading book list in readng section.

Islamic History
History of Islam and Life of Prophets

Seerah of Prophet Muhammad SAW and Stories of Prophets
Muhammad the Messenger
Stories of All Prophets
Audio: Seerah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Storie of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Muhammed The Prophet of Islam

Islamic Stories Prophets and Sahabah
Stories of the Companion
Story of Sahabah
Islam Channel TV: The stories of Prophets
Audios: Stories of Prophets

Tafsir Ibn Kathir
Audios: The Principles of Tafseer
Explanation of the Qur'an - Tafseer

Islam Basic
Learn about Islam
Islam Basic
Islam Guide
Fundamental Beliefs in Islam
Understand Islam Audio-MP3 by Saleh as Saleh
The Day of Judgement is Coming
Beliefs of Islam Religion
The Hereafter

Quranic Supplication
25 Duas from Al-Quran
Quranic Supplication
Duas with meaning
Rulings and Etiquette in making Dua
Quranic Suplications and others dua
Duas: Quranic Suuplications
Forty Rabbana
Learn to memorize Supplication/Dua

Matters of Heart and Soul
All books about the purification our heart and soul

Islamic Audio
Understand Islam Audio-MP3 by Saleh as Saleh
Audio: Quran, Islamic History, Ramadhan, Stories of Quran, Seerah
Audio Islam
Islam way Radio: Articles, etc
Khutbah Bank
Audio Quran Topical
masmm. org: Books and Audios

Name of Allah/Asma ul Husna
List Asma ul Husna
Look under this site
Beautiful 99 Names of Allah
Dua by using Asma ul Husna

Learn about Manner and description of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
An Nawawi: Riyad us Saaliheen - Audios

Islamic Books, Stories, Articles, Audios, Videos: weekend Learning: Islamic Studies
An Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam
Islamic Books list
Rahmana4: Collections Islamic Videos
Qisas: Stories for Muslims
Islamweb for Kids
Kids Watch Videos Here
A2Youth: Stories of Sahabas
Islam Basics: Stories of the Quran
Sultan.Org: Learn About Islam
Islam For Kids
Islamic Broadcasting Network
Mini Muslims
be convinced: Learn Islam
Islam Q&A
widad-lld: Islamic links for kids
Pictures - Hajj in Macca
Studying Islam Online
Islamway: Teaching Quran for Children
Revelation of Mystery: Kashf Al-Mahjub
Islam in Comparative Online Resources
Food for Thought: Articles by Yahiya Emerick
The Islamic Foundation of North America
Islamic Resources
Islam House online
Mushalla: Articles
Muslimz Kid Website
Muttaqun School
Faza'il-e-amal Main Page
Islamic Studies-Syllabus grade 1-6
Islam Tomorrow

Islamic Resources for Homeschooling:
Islamic Studies Trivia
With Kids in Mind: An Islamic Page for Muslims
YemenLinks: Arabic Resources
Talibiddeenjr: Islamic and Home Education Resources
iberr: Syllabus gr 1-12
Islamic Unit Studies
PBS: An Introduction to Islam and Muhammad
Arabesq: Activities Worksheets Homeschooling"
Al Amal For Education
Muslim and Home Edu: download some stories
Islamic Studies for garde 4-8
Islam House: Books, Audios, Videos, etc

Islamic Glossary:
As Sidq: Islamic Glossary

Islam and Beliefs:
The Quran Miracle Enclopedia
Islamway: Washing and Shrouding the Deceased
USC Edu: All About Prophet Muhammad SAW
inter Islam org: Seerah Prophet Muhammad SAW

Muslim TV and Radio
Islamic Broadcasting Network
Islamic Radio
IslamiCity: Radio and TV
Radio Islam dot com
Radio IMSA in Indonesian language
Wacth Free Islamic online Channels TV
Free Islamic online TV
Watch Peace TV
Iqra TV: Free TV Online

Islamicplayground: Arabic Games Activities


Shahadah is the first pillar of Islam.

I'll some more about this in the future.

The Audios that you can hear is Shahadah .

Salah - Prayer

Successful indeed are the believers, those who offer their salaah (prayers)with all solemnity and full submissiveness.[al-Mu’minoon 23:1-2]–i.e., fearing Allaah and in a calm manner. Khushoo’ means calmness, serenity, tranquillity, dignity and humility.

The links about Salah-Prayer are:
Learn How to Pray
Learn about Saalat compiled by Saleh as Saleh
Khushoo’ in Salaah
Requirements of Islamic Prayer
Islam Q&A: Khushoo’ in Salaah
The Benefit of Prayer
Look "How to Perform Salah" under this site

You can watch the videos and hear the audios from:
Fajr Prayer and Dhuhr
Fajr Prayer
Dhuhr Prayer
Asr Prayer
Maghreb Prayer
Isha prayer
Pray As You Have Seen Me Pray (DVD)
Learn how to perform Salaat/Namaz
Educative Islamic Cartoons.Salah (Prayer)in Arabic Language
Sujud Sahw - Prostations of Forgetfulness
Salah Described
Salah In Islam
Hadeeth - Salah

Wudhu - Ablution

Abu Malik at-Ash'ari Radi Allah Anhu) reported: The Messenger of Allah (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ) said: Cleanliness is half of faith and al-Hamdu Liliah (Praise be to Allah) fills the scale, and Subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah) and al-Hamdu Liliah (Praise be to Allah) fill upwhat is between the heavens and the earth, and prayer is a light, and charity is proof (of one's faith) and endurance is a brightness and the Holy Qur'an is a proof on your behalf or against you. All men go out early in the morning and sell themselves, thereby setting themselves free or destroying themselves. (Sahih Muslim : Book 2 'Al-Taharah' , Number 0432)

You can learn and watch about Wudhu in
Video: How to Perform Ablution?
How to Make Wudu-Ablution
Wudhu, Ablution for Prayer
The Book of Purification
Kitab Al-Taharah
Watch How to Wudhu

Fasting -Sawm

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is an act of obedience and submission to Allah's commands through the highest degree of commitment, sincerity and faithfulness to seek Allah's mercy, to atone for sins, errors, and mistakes and to avoid condemnation to Hell.

Some articles about fasting:

Ramadan and Fasting
Ramadan Is Coming (with activites for kids)
Ramadan Month of Fasting
How to Fasting
Activities for Kids in Ramadan

Audios - Ramadan
All audios about Fasting by Saleh as Saleh
FAQ: Fasting
FAQ Realted to Fasting Issues for Wamen
Book of Fasting
Fasting Ramadan


The alms are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and (for) the wayfarers; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is knower, Wise." (The Holy Qur'an 9:60).

Read more in:
Zakat Calculator
How to calcualte your zakat?
Another Zakat Calculator


If you want to make charity or to pay Zakah, you can give to Orphans and Poor and visit our Yatim and Miskin

The Pillar of Beliefs

There are the six pillars of Beliefs.
  • Belief of Allah.
  • Belief of Angels.
  • Belief of Prophets.
  • Belief of Books of ALlah.
  • Belief of Qadr.
  • Belief of Day of Judgement.
Some of useful links that you can use are:
Audio-Tawheed for Children
All lectures of Yasir Qadhi
All lectures of Feiz Mohammed
Mohammad Shareef Lectures
Bilal Assad Lectures
Al Bukhari-Book of Tawheed

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