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A majority of homeschoolers have one or more of the following three basic reasons:
  • School environment
  • Religious or Moral
  • Academics.

Steps to becoming a homeschooler

Here are some basic steps:
  • Learn more about homeschooling
    - Do your research.
    - Go to your local library and get a couple books on homeschooling.
    - Do a Google search on homeschool.
    - Find someone who homeschools and ask them questions. If possible watch them homeschool for a couple hours.
  • Find out the legal requirements, State Laws on Homeschool
    Depending on where you live there may be few, or lots of legal issues.
    In The United States it is legal to homeschool in all fifty states. But the rules vary from state to state. Some states just ask to be informed that your child is being homeschooled, others mandate specific curriculum guidelines, and still others require homeschool students to take state standardized tests. Homeschool parents are ultimately responsible for their child's education, so becoming aware of your legal rights and limitations is important.
  • Find your state, local, and other online homeschool support groups.
    Find a local support group, here, here, and here.
  • Attend a homeschool events, here
  • Then give it a try
    It can be scary trying something totally new like homeschooling, but it may be the best thing you can do for your children.
For Record Keeping and Portfolio

Material chosen should be varied to reflect what the child has learned, experienced and accomplished. Suggested items to include are:

  • A journal which notes activities and progress
  • A list of resources such as books, computer software, games, toys and outside classes.
  • Samples of the child's work including letters written to friends and family (photocopy these before they are sent), poems, stories, and other forms of creative writing, drawings, audio tapes of reading and memorizing Al Qur'an, reading aloud, video tapes of a field trips, contest and any text book or workbook pages.
  • Photos of field trips, artwork, projects and family life.
  • Brochures and booklets from field trips and other activities.
  • A list of books that the child has read. Include the title and author.
  • Goals for the year.
The Sample of Record Keeping is in here

What is homeschool?
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
Homeschool Information Library
Welcome to Homeschooling!
Beginning to Homeschool
Advice to New Homeschool

Statistic Survey Homeschooling
Homeschooling Statistic in the US

How to Homeschool: Educational Approach
Charlotte Matson Educational Approach
Classical Educational Approach
Correspondence Educational Approach
Electic Educational Approach
Leterature Based Educational Approach
Online(private) Educational Approach
Onlne(public Educational Approach
Tradional Educational Approach
Unit STudies Educational Approach

There are so many other resources about homeschool.

Here are some:
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Achievement Test Resources
Achievement Tests - To test or not to test
Achievement Testing Resources
Testing Services
Interm.& Mid. Sch Tests (7th & 8th SAT)
Testing Services Directory
Achievement Test Preparation
Testing Resources

Academy Online and Distance Learning (Please section By Grades)
Heritage Homeschool
Distance Learning Programs

All Other Resources are:
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Your source for Homeschooling News and Info.
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Stories about Successful Homeschoolers
Homeschool Success Stories
Homeschooled student excell in college
10 Steps to Successfully HS Child. w/ Special Needs
Homeschool Success Stories

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Home Edu Testing

List approved tests:
  • California Achievement Test
  • Comprehensive Testing Program (CTPIII)
  • Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  • Metropolitan Achievement Test
  • Peabody Individual Test
  • Stanford Achievement Test
  • Tera Nova
  • Wide Range Achievement Test
  • Woodcock Johnson Revised Tests of Achievement
List of Test Suppliers:

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