Amaculo ami


Welcome! Wilkommen! Ngiyakwemukela! etc....

In case you are wondering about the name of the site, Amaculo ami, it means "my songs" in zulu.  That's exactly what this site's main purpose is: To allow people to hear the songs i have written.  All of the songs are written on Anvil Studios, a free music making program (Anvil Studios Website).  So I hope you enjoy my songs.    

Please make comments on the songs and melodies on the forums!! The're really helpful!!!

 When listening to the songs, keep in mind that computers do not play the songs the same.  The midi files are going to sound different than they do on the computer they were made on.

And please note: I don't name them until i'm done usually, though i am trying to name as many as possible to make it more organized 


If you want to use a song, or if you want me to try and write one for you, please, ask in the forums!

Newest Song/Melody

Find the most recent melody or song that I have created here!

 An as of yet Unnamed song

and my current project,This Song, which is for a video game i am creating with a few friends


Please rate and comment on the most recent song and/or idea.  If you have suggestions or ideas, please use the forums.


Yeah....not very many peoples.......mostly 'cause i forgot to set a starting number when i changed it's appearence, but oh well

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