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World Day to End the Silent Holocaust 2006
Western Australia, Australia                          
24 October 2006
Contact: Deborah Dupre’ Campaign Coordinator: Email:

More than fifty scientists, professors, engineers, former intelligence personnel, well-known published authors and targeted individuals from Australia to Alaska recently united to call for government inquiry into covert harassment and remotely inflicted direct energy torture.  

Targeted individuals globally are being secretly tortured to point of death or to death in their communities according to Deborah Dupre,’ campaign coordinator and coalition founder.

The group launched its international coalition to alert the public to extensive directed energy weapon (DEW) assaults on selected persons. Victims are systematically, continuously, covertly tortured; severely injured; disabled; sometimes killed or driven to Suicide.  Criminals attack targets with non-lethal, ‘through-the-wall’ electromagnetic weapons from a distance so are not easily identified.

The Coalition aims to obtain formal government investigations into these organized terrorist activities.

“We call this a ‘Silent Holocaust’ because weapons deployed for this operation are poorly publicised; technologies involved are silent; and targeted individuals are silently dying from these hidden weapons and other undeniable human rights abuses by covert extremists. The operations are aimed at whistle-blowers, human rights workers and peace advocates - persons respected and protected in democracies. It appears there is also a random selection of targets and target numbers are increasing,” Dupre’ reported.

Selected targets are abused with round-the-clock bullying, stalking and remote electronic torture by interconnected organized groups whose objectives are clearly lethal.   
“Clearly perpetrators are operating under central direction and control, acting above the law with impunity and apparent immunity.  Consistently, victim’s complaints to local and federal government agencies are never investigated,” Dupre’ stated, adding that U.S. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne publicly advocated that government "test" these weapons OVERTLY on "unruly crowds.”

Eight different countries were represented at the conference. Speakers included Dr. Nick Begich, author of "Controlling the Human Mind: The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance;" author Gloria Naylor, Robert Duncan, Ph.D., a Harvard-educated scientist, and Eleanor White, retired engineer and long-term advocate of banning covert electronic torture.  

Conference presenters focused exclusively on central government responsibility for the torture murder operations: “Only government has the power, financing and need to test electromagenetic devices for military purposes.  U.S. federal agencies have a well-documented record of secret experiments on involuntary human subjects dating back more than 50 years including CIA MKULTRA mind control experiments and Atomic Energy Commission radiation experiments. Presently no legislation prohibits United States testing new weapons on human subjects.” Speakers agreed that this is the worst crime government has committed since the Nazi Holocaust

Participants held a commemoration of targeted individuals that died while struggling to survive this type of extreme violence.

Media are welcome to interview targeted individuals from around the world upon request. Photo ops are available at certain locations by pre-arrangement with the international coalition campaign coordinator, Deborah Dupre’, email:


Targeted Individuals suffering from organized abuse inflicted by covert terrorists that harass, stalk and torture them in their communities are joining forces globally for the first time 21 October 2006 in hopes of gaining support to survive and to end this form of terrorism.  

On the first World Day to End the Silent Holocaust, scientists, former intelligence officers, legal experts, published authors and others from over eight countries are launching an international coalition to strengthen awareness about the hidden crime wave and pressure for investigations and government enquiries.

“Citizens of the World Standing Together to End Organized Stalking, Lethal Bullying, & Remote Electronic Torture” is the first annual event’s theme sponsored by Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance and Duprevent International.

Dr. Nick Begich, author of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, Dr. Robert Duncan, Harvard Scientist, Dorothy Lay of the Lay Foundation and author Gloria Naylor are among the list of conference speakers.  

Representatives from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, Austria, England and India will to participate in the conference, indication this criminal activity is more widespread than most realize.  

Deborah Dupre,’ the international support initiative founder reported, “Toronto, Ontario Rape Crisis Center recorded so many clients presenting with consistent stories and physical symptoms from new microwave weapons assaults on them, the centre staff led the world in learning about this crime and offering specialized support to survivors. Commonality among targets is human rights advocacy - whistle blowers and peace workers are targeted - citizens that should be protected and respected in democracies.  Single women are at risk for being targeted.”

In 2002, a short survey of symptoms of gang stalking with electronic attacks of about 12,000 people returned a rate of about one person per hundred saying they had most or all of the gang stalking symptoms.  It is estimated a minimum of 2 million innocent citizens globally are presently tortured in-home and community. 

“Most targets first think they’re just having months or even years of “bad luck,” “mishaps,” “odd diseases” or “accidents” not realizing they are targets of organized crime creatively ruining their lives,” Dupre’ said.

“Now numerous on-line support groups and an international crisis hotline out of Austin Texas are operating in attempts to help targets survive but a media black-out and law enforcement ineffectiveness continue to perpetuate target suffering and deaths and perpetuate the criminal activity,” Dupre’ said.

The conference is open to the public and public officials, targeted individuals and their families and friends are encouraged to participate.  To listen live to conference speakers and participate in the discussion, dial 1-712-432-4000, then Access Code: 5888200 and 6 to mute your phone.

Victims of these publicly unrecognised crimes will be present and available to relay their personal experiences upon request. Interviews and photo ops of guest speakers and attendees will be available upon request to campaign coordinator.

Submitted by Deborah Dupre’,

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