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Heart of the Beast Kennel has regretfully closed due to the death of my husband and co-owner Rick Mickle. Having moved to the Linden Hills area of the city, I have only one dog; my beloved Red Sky. Most of our dogs are now owned by Family Kennels of St. Cloud, MN. Older dogs, such as Mystery, were adopted into family homes as house dogs. It's been heartbreaking but necessary.The kennel will not re-open in the forseeable future, however, I still do rescue and foster work in the area. Feel free to call me with questions on anything bulldog. I'd be happy to help transport, re-home, or aid in resolving behavior broblems/training. I am especially skilled with socializing and gaining trust of abused/neglected dogs and have a gift to read canine body language,  recognize root causes of behavioral problems, triggers for agression, and teach owners how to become happy owners with happy dogs. So often it's just correcting a miscommunication between dog and owner. Thanks for visiting my site. I hope to buy a new farm in the coming years and re-open my rescue kennel. My cell is 612-558-4914.

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