Harvest Table Buffet

All You Care to Eat - Southern Style Home Cooking - Augusta, Georgia


Our Entree items vary daily and include:

 Fried Chicken  Country Chicken  Meat Loaf   Chicken & Dumplings 
 Chicken Tenders  Pork Riblets  Liver & Onions  Fried Egg Rolls
 Fried Fish (Pollock)  Pork Chops  Fried Beef Steak  Spaghetti & Sauce
 Salisbury Steaks  Pot Roast  Teriyaki Chicken  Baked Chicken
 Smoked Sausage  BBQ Chicken  Pork Loins  Ham Hocks & Fat Back

   We also offer extensive side, salad and dessert selections.

 Call us at 706-793-1016 for today's menu items.